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Drawing from Indian, Spanish, Greek, but also from Del Paeseno, 10 names and variants that mean faith, hope.

Asha: Indian female name of Sanskrit origin meaning "hope", "life".

Emanuele or Emanuela: from the Hebrew Immanu-el which means "God is with us". The name day falls on March 26.

Elpide: Greek female name meaning hope.

Esperanto: name that defines a universal language and means; hope for world understanding.

Faithful or Fidel: It comes from the Latin name Fides / Fidelis and means "faithful". He was much loved by Christianity for his reference to the faith maintained at the cost of martyrdom. Quite common is the Spanish variant Fidel, which gained fame in 1959, when Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba by overthrowing the dictatorial Batista regime. Variants of the name: Fidelio, Fidel, Fede, Fidelmo, Fidardo, Fidaldo, Fidenzio. S. Fedele is celebrated on March 23, April 24 and October 28.

Nada or Nadia or Nadine: name of Russian origin. It originates from the shortened form of Nadezda, "hope". The name day falls on September 18th and January 17th.

Hope: Anglo-Saxon name meaning "hope".

Hope or Esperanza: Names of Latin origin. The meaning is obvious. It is considered a Christian devotional name, especially of devotion to Our Lady of Hope. The name day can be celebrated on August 1st or March 28th.

Purple: of Greek-Latin origin, name of the plant with purple flowers (in Greek 'ion'), symbol of sadness and modesty. Viola is also the proper musical instrument. The name day is celebrated on March 3. The nuance that means hope comes from the meaning of the flower.

Zita: in Del Paeseno it means girl, in Spanish "little hope". The name day is celebrated on April 27th.


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