10 names inspired by LOVE

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Having a child means pure love. That's why picking a name that remembers this strong feeling. Which for a child is forever.

We made a selection of ten names that mean love.


This is the name of Venus, goddess of beauty and love who is said to have risen from the foam of the sea.

Agape of Agate

Of Greek or Byzantine origin, it means good, loving (“Agathē” from “agathós”: good).

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Name both masculine and feminine, it derives from the Greek Alké and means "sacrifice to conjugal love". Alcestis was the name of the wife of King Admetus of Thessaly who sacrificed herself for the love of her husband. The name day is celebrated on November 1st.

Beloved or loved

Amato and Amata, formerly Latin noble surnames, were transformed into proper names today celebrated on February 20 in memory of Saint Amate of Assisi, nephew of Saint Clare, and on September 30 of Saint Amato, bishop of Nusco who lived in the XNUMXth century . The names come from the Latin amandus, which means "one who is to be loved".


It comes from the Latin love, with an obvious meaning. The name was imposed on a boy and a girl (both male and female) who were eagerly awaited. It spread discreetly in the Middle Ages and is little used today. The name day is celebrated on 22 July.


From the Latin arc. amos (amoris) = love, but also from the Hebrew = robust man. A-mau may have meant "God carried you on his arm". The name day falls on March 31st.


The firmness of the sound reveals the Saxon origin of this name which is among the few to have no equivalent Del Paeseno. As-frid, this is the etymological origin: loved by the gods. It is a particularly popular name in the Netherlands and in the Scandinavian peninsula. The name day in fact falls on November 27 and honors a Swedish nun who has been proclaimed blessed.

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The name derives from éros, "love", and became the name of the Greek god of love who married Psyche. Sant'Eros is remembered on June 24th.


Of Greek origin, it means she who is a huntress (but also she who was born in the summer or is very lovable). The name day is 1 or 3 October.

Valentina or Valentino

Of Latin origin, it means "He (or she) who is worth, is in good health [both in body and in spirit]". Thanks to Valentine's Day it has become the name of love par excellence. But be careful, the name day is not only celebrated on February 14, but also on July 25 (Santa Valentina virgin and martyr) and July 29 (San Valente bishop of Verona).

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