10 tips for potty training for girls

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for Sissy, the transition from diaper to potty is generally less troubled. In fact, many experts believe that little girls are less prone to distractions compared to boys, but the transition phase still requires time and a lot of patience.

The site Baby center has therefore collected some useful tips to help our princesses on their way to the final farewell to the diaper.

1 - When to start potty training?

It is good to remember that each child (or girl, in this case) needs their own time and there must be no constraint, which would only be counterproductive.

Some girls wet their clothes up to 3-4 years; do not be disheartened or doubt your daughter's faculties: it is normal.

TIP: if the little girl begins to stay dry for many consecutive hours o shows interest for the way to go to the bathroom "of the grown-ups", then perhaps it is worth starting with a few attempts.

2 - Show how it's done

Children learn for imitation, then show the children how to approach the potty, sitting yourself and doing all the activities necessary to make your own needs.

It may happen that having seen the little brother, the father fare pee standing up, the little one wants to try the same technique. LET HER DO IT, she will see for herself that something is wrong. Sure, maybe prepare rags and towels ...

3 - Familiarize yourself with the toilet

Making the potty (or toilet) a comfortable item is a great way to overcome your little one's reluctance to try something new and unfamiliar.

You can try making the potty feel like one of its properties, perhaps allowing him to personalize it with colors, designs or stickers.

Then invite your daughter to sit on it, even dressed, to get started. If she puts up a lot of resistance, don't force it, but if he is compliant, move on to the next moment, making him take off his pants, as if it were a game.

If the little girl has a favorite puppet or doll you can use it as an example (as well as a trusted companion on this adventure) and show you how to sit down to pee and poo in comfort!

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4 - Motivate her with "grown-up" panties

Herald the possibility of wear underpants like mom - but also like dad or older siblings, who are often taken as an example during a phase in which the genre it is not yet a fundamental discrimination - it could turn out to be an excellent stimulus to overcome the latest grievances.

Take her shopping and give her the chance to choose the panties she likes best, possibly addressing it to colorful, playful garments full of designs.

5 - Programming

If you think it's time for the little girl to take the final step towards potty training, scheduled a rigorous schedule that you can share with teachers and / or babysitters

In this program you will enter the hours in which the child will wear the diaper and those in which it will lead normal linen.

Many opt for the direct transition to underwear, without alternating, but in that case get ready to do some more washing.

6 - Encourage nudity

Spend some time without diaper (or otherwise), it will help the little one to understand when it is time to abandon what you are doing to run in vain

Therefore, cut out moments in which the child can play naked, with the potty at hand, inviting her to sit on it at regular intervals. When then will feel the stimulus - the signs are pretty clear - help her position herself quickly on the cup.

The more time you spend exercising without a diaper, the faster you will learn the new way to go toe.

7 - The secret is training

The child must in fact get used to a gesture that is totally foreign to her, so it is fundamental try and try again, without getting disheartened or resuming the little one after yet another failure.

Get angry it is the fastest way to make the baby anxious and further slow down the learning of the technique.

8 - Make pee (or poo) fun

Smartphones, tablets and televisions are too big a distraction for any child, but that doesn't mean potty training can't turn into a game.

Entertain the baby, read her favorite book, let her play with toilet paperIf she associates potty training with fun, she will be much more willing to "hang out" when needed.

Also, as an added incentive you could suggest she mark on the calendar each successful attempt with colors or fancy stickers. In doing so, the child will be placed in front of her own progress and she will take it as a "good" challenge, without excessive anxiety.


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9 - Celebrate successes

The first successes represent a really big step in the growth process: celebrate it properly - no excessive games or prizes though, but some "big girl" concession - and the princess of the house will be encouraged to continue this good habit.

10 - Have her throw away the diaper

Discard diapers it is not a purely symbolic gesture, but a kind of "rite of passage" which makes every child feel bigger and more responsible. So involve her when you get rid of the supplies, giving them to other mothers or throwing them away, because she will be a beautiful injection of self-esteem and awareness.

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