10 tips for potty training your child

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The transition from diaper to face marks one very important stage in the growth process of the child, therefore it is essential that a parent arms himself with patience and immediately count weeks, months (sometimes years) of trying and wet pants.

However, Mom and Dad can facilitate this transition phase. That's how.

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1 - When to start potty training?

When is the right time to remove the diaper? Every little one has their own times and shouldn't be forced to do something they are not ready for. Some are already willing to 18 months, others may even delayed up to after the third year of age.

And it doesn't matter if the neighbor's son took only three days to say definitively goodbye to diapers; your little one may need a lot more time!

TIP: if the baby begins to stay dry for many consecutive hours o shows interest for the way of going to the bathroom "of the grown-ups", then perhaps it is the case to sketch a first attempt and test the answer.

2 - Show how it's done

Children learn for imitation, then show the children how to approach the potty, sitting yourself and doing all the activities necessary to make your own needs.

While you give the example, explain them without too many metaphors physical dynamics behind the process: this helps children to understand what to do and the likelihood of them feeling embarrassed with their intimacies decreases.

TIP: better start with sitting pee and only later switch to standing one. Avoid distractions like TV or tablet.

3 - Familiarize yourself with the toilet

Making the potty (or toilet) a comfortable item is a great way to overcome your little one's reluctance to try something new and unfamiliar.

You can try making the potty feel like one of its properties, perhaps allowing him to personalize it with colors, designs or stickers.

Then invite him to sit on it, even dressed, to get started. If he resists a lot, do not force him, but if he is condescending, move on to the next moment, making him take off his pants, as if it were a game.

If your child has a favorite puppet you can use that as an example and show how to sit down to pee and poo in comfort!

4 - Motivate him with "grown-up" underwear

Waving the possibility of wearing pants like mum, dad or older siblings, it could prove to be a good spur for the still hesitant child.

Take him shopping and let him choose the panties he likes: then he can't wait to wear them.

5 - Programming

If you think it's time for your child to potty train for good, scheduled a rigorous lineup that could be shared with kindergarten teachers or babysitters.

In this program the hours in which the child will wear the diaper and those in which it will lead normal linen. Many opt for the direct transition to underwear, without alternating, but in that case get ready to do some more washing.

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6 - Facilitate nudity

If the child is naked and free of hindrances for the fulfillment of needs, it will be less difficult to use the potty.

Therefore, create moments in which the little one can play naked and with the potty at hand, encouraging him to sit on it at regular intervals. When then will feel the stimulus - the signs are pretty clear - help him run straight to the cup.

Obviously it is better to prepare the "nudity moment" room by protecting the floor and furniture with some coverings so as not to have to remedy too many disasters.

7 - The secret is training

The child must get used to a gesture that is totally foreign to him, so it is fundamental try and try again, without getting disheartened or resuming the little one after yet another failure.

Getting angry is the fastest way to make your child anxious and further slow down the learning of the technique.


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8 - Make pee (or poo) fun

As already mentioned, electronic devices catalyze the attention of children too much, but this does not mean that the moment of the potty cannot be transformed into a game.

Entertain the child, read him his favourite book, do it playing with toilet paperIf he associates potty training with fun, he will be much more willing to "hang out" when needed!

But don't allow the "sessions" to become interminable. It could become counterproductive. (Read also: what if the child pooes himself? The four games to facilitate the transition to the potty).

9 - Celebrate successes

The first successful attempts are a really nice step forward in the growth process: celebrate it properly - no excessive games or prizes though, just a few grant from "big child" - and the puppy will be encouraged to continue this good habit.

10 - Have him throw away the diaper

Discard diapers it is not a purely symbolic gesture, but a kind of "rite of passage" which really makes the child feel bigger and more responsible. So involve him when you get rid of the supplies, giving them to other mothers or throwing them away, because she will be a beautiful injection of self-esteem and awareness.

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