14 tips to choose (and manage) the babysitter

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For working mothers, the nanny is a fundamental figure. But this role is often underestimated. Instead, they are people who have an enormous responsibility: they raise our children. But how to find the right person? How to choose the right babysitter? We asked Sara Morelli, owner of the Tate & Nanny agency for the search for specialized personnel in the domestic sector.

"The nanny can be reached in two ways: by word of mouth, by asking friends or grandmothers, or through specialized agencies. Both channels are valid. But once you have contact, you need to set up a cognitive interview and only on the basis of this can you understand if the person indicated is the right one for you "says Morelli.

In this article

  • The business card: the appearance
  • Make sure he speaks well in Del Paeseno
  • Ask for references
  • The right age
  • List of prohibited things
  • Make a to-do list
  • Determine how he should behave in case of a tantrum
  • He doesn't have to spend all his time on his cell phone
  • Ask her to do some housework
  • Don't hide anything from the babysitter
  • How to help the child stay with the babysitter
  • Arrange some surprise checks
  • Observe the child's attitude 
  • If it doesn't fit, change it

1. The business card: the appearance.

Personal hygiene is the first thing to observe as soon as it arises. It must be someone who inspires cleanliness: hair tidy and not dirty, clothing comfortable but not sloppy or stained, and with little makeup: too much blush could irritate the delicate skin of the newborn, as well as nails that are too long are not good for playing with. small children ...

It is also very important to make sure that she is not a smoker and that she does not smell of smoke. Then the tone of the voice is also to be considered: must be calm and not too bright, with a gentle and not abrupt manner. These are small details that you can notice at the first meeting and that make the difference.

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2. Make sure you speak well in Del Paeseno.

In fact, for a correct development of language, the child needs to be stimulated through a varied and correct vocabulary. So the Del Paeseno is fundamental.

Alternatively you can choose a nanny to talk to English, to give the little one a bilingual approach. But to avoid the nanny who does not speak well neither Del Paeseno nor English or any other language that you would like the child to learn.

3. Ask for references.

The nanny, especially if she has to take care of a small child, must be used to this profession. It is not enough that she had children or little brothers, it is not the same thing. Furthermore, she must be fresh from the previous experience because many habits change from year to year: from pediatric directives, to weaning ...

So if she has been caring for school-aged children for the past 10 years, she may be unprepared to handle a newborn. The advice is to inform yourself well on its preparation based on the age group that interests you.

4. The right age.

The best age to handle a small child is between 25 and 45 years. While a more mature figure is also fine for the newborn, between 28 and 55 years.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a babysitter just to put him to bed when you go out in the evening, then a young girl may be fine too. Ideal to find a student who lives in your building and can come to you only when you need it.

How to instruct the babysitter

Once you have chosen the right person for you, you have to move on to clarify your educational needs.

5. Make a list of prohibited things.

For example, explain to her that your child must not watch television, cannot play on the tablet for more than 15 minutes, must not eat candy ...

6. Then a list of the things to do.

Make a list of things the nanny needs to do that are important to you. 

7. Determine how to behave in case of a tantrum.

In front of the child who refuses to do something, the nanny must be patient and calm and never use her hands. Then you will tell her if she is allowed to make some concessions from time to time or if you prefer a rigid educational style instead. In any case, you must be the one to give her directions on how to behave. Read also: Children's whims, how to manage them from 0 to 16 years. The secret is empathy

8. He doesn't have to spend all his time on his cell phone.

An important thing to point out right away is that he doesn't have to be on his cell phone.

9. Ask her to do some housework.

Without exaggerating, ask her if she can do any housekeeping duties. (Also read 10 PRACTICAL ways to educate children about autonomy)

10. Don't hide anything from the babysitter.

Finally, it is important that parents say everything, even things that seem intimate to you, otherwise problems could arise later. For example, speak to her clearly if your child has behavioral problems or has to follow special diets.

11. How to accustom the child to stay with the babysitter.

If you have to leave a baby or a very young child it is important that the nanny will assist you for a whole month.

So the nanny can learn well what your needs are, from the bath, to the baby food, to know the apartment where she will spend her days ... In this time, moreover, mothers and babysitters get to know and lay the foundations for a good relation.

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For slightly older children, a 1 or 2 week insertion may suffice, just enough time to get the child used to getting familiar with the new nanny.

12. Organize some surprise checks ...

to see if it works well.

13. Observe the child's attitude.

Even when the choice is made, close attention must be paid to the child's adjustment period. At the beginning, in fact, it is normal for the little one to find it hard to get used to the babysitter; if, however, after a month he still has a tantrum or is sad and listless when he is alone with her, it means that something is wrong.

14. And if it doesn't go well: it must be changed!

If you find that the chosen person is not good you have to suspend the employment relationship. "The choice to leave a person at home is difficult. Furthermore, it may be that the child has become attached to it and this can create feelings of guilt for the mother. It is a difficult choice. against you it turns out that this nanny is not good, you absolutely have to change it "says Morelli.

If you can't stay home from work, arrange interviews to find another babysitter at the weekend.

As soon as you have identified the replacement, you must terminate the employment relationship with the old nanny who he will have to stop coming as soon as you tell him, even if by law she has the right to 15 days notice, the advice is to pay her but never let her come again. Best not to let someone who is probably angry with you handle your child.

Questions and answers

What is a babysitter's first business card? 

Definitely the look. It must be clean and tidy. Secondly, make sure that you speak well in Del Paeseno. 

After a month with the new babysitter, the baby is still having a tantrum: is this normal? 

It means that something is wrong.

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