15 tips to enhance children's creativity

15 tips to enhance children's creativity
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Creativity is certainly a gift that some have and others don't. But even if you are not born Oliviero Toscani, the creativity can be developed: parents just need to know how.

In the magazine "Parents" the French sophrologist and psychotherapist Michèle Freud gives 15 tips to make sure that mum and dad help their little one in this sense: it takes very little to allow children to unleash all their creative potential.

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Tips to enhance children's creativity

1. Give him total freedom

"To develop the child's creativity - advises the specialist - let him use all the forms of expression at his disposal: colors, writing, drawing, dance, sports, gardening, poetry, theater, salt dough, construction ...".

2. Encourage her personal expression

The child, explains Michèle Freud, must have an active role. Offer him all the activities you want, but don't impose your tastes or passions on him. "Creativity - she underlines - is linked to the initiative".

3. Don't judge the quality of its products

"Creating - warns the psychotherapist - is not reproducing what exists. It is not creating 'a beautiful image' but rather creating 'in its image'".

4. Help her emotional sensitivity

Fear is the enemy of creativity, says Freud. And therefore it is necessary to "teach your child to name his emotions, to overcome fears". A good way to do this is through fairy tales, where the hero expresses his fears and then overcomes them. While older children need to be helped to verbalize their feelings. 

5. Help him develop his senses

"To develop their creativity and intelligence - recommends the expert - children need various experiences linked to the senses. Which in them are very acute, because they are in the age of discovery". So ask him to experiment with everything that is possible: smells, colors, flavors… everything is experience.

6. Let your inventiveness run free

According to the psychotherapist, children should not be "confined" to ultra-safe places with objects specially designed for them. Because "knowledge feeds on everything but monotony. And being creative means being able to use a game even in a way for which it was not designed".

7. Replace "educational games" with "real" toys

The so-called "educational games", according to Freud, "leave no room for the child's individuality, they do not let him decide how to play".

8. Don't snub artistic activities

The spirit must be nourished as much as the body, and art is a food for creativity. So museums are just as useful as parks. Let him know sculpture, painting, photography… then it will be up to him to choose what to inspire him. 

9. Allow it to be original

"Creativity is the possibility of developing an original personality," says the scholar. So if the child likes to wear different colored socks, or if he wants to wear rubber boots in the summer, let him.

10. Respect her divergent thinking

During the first few years, children live in a world where reality and fiction mix. “They are capable of fluidity and sudden changes of mind, and they want one thing and its opposite. It is what is called 'divergent thinking'. We parents have lost this fantastic dimension, and we rely too much on single, stereotyped thinking. if you ask him 'what color is it?' and he replies 'like a bite of the sun' instead of 'yellow', don't blame him: on the contrary, congratulate him ".

11. Accompany his interest in nature

Between the ages of 4 and 7, children are interested and passionate about nature. Let him grow a seedling, let him observe the animals. And help him elaborate the story of the animals: how do they live? What are they doing in the woods? Nature is creative in itself ...

12. Cook together

Turning flour, milk, sugar and eggs into a cake is creativity. "When you can - advises Michèle Freud - let the child invent his own recipes, mix ingredients of his choice, add his aromas". 

13. Stimulate his imagination

The bedtime story can be a good time for creativity: ask your child to tell you a story. Or look for another ending together for a well-known fairytale.

14. Feed his musical sensitivity

Have him listen to melodies, sounds, and ask him what they make him think about. Maybe, let them draw it.

15. Encourage his builder spirit

All construction games allow him to create objects and shapes, to manufacture imaginary objects and mythological animals. And they develop creativity. "Do not ask him to reproduce a model - this is the sophrologist's last advice - but leave him free to invent". 

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Questions and answers

How to develop the child's creativity?

To develop your child's creativity, let him use all the forms of expression at his disposal: colors, writing, drawing, dancing, sports, gardening, etc.

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