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How to forget the Russian princess Anastasia? Or Lady D, Princess Diana. Then going into the world of fairy tales there is Ariel, Aurora, but also Belle. Let's find out what are the most beautiful princess names ... for girls!

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Names of princesses in history

  1. Beatrice. Name of Latin origin, it means "she who makes or makes you blessed". Beatrix of the Netherlands was the Queen of the Netherlands from 30 April 1980 to 30 April 2022, the day of her abdication in favor of her son William Alexander.
  2. Anastasia. The noun 'anastasis' means 'resurrection'. Remember the Russian princess Anastasia?
  3. Ludovica is a name of Franco-German origin which means illustrious fighter, glorious in battle (but, for another source, also wise). Princess Ludwig of Bavaria lived in 1800.
  4. Margaretha of Luxembourg (born 1957) is the consort of Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein.
  5. Sarah is the name that means 'princess' par excellence. Sarah is also the famous biblical bride, Abraham's wife.
  6. Sibilla means 'counselor of god'. Name taken from Eastern Mediterranean mythology, the Sibyls were the priestesses of Apollo, mediators between gods and men, considered daughters of gods and nymphs. The name day is celebrated on March 19 and October 9. Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Duchess of Västerbotten, is the mother of the current King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf.
  7. Sofia of Bavaria was princess of Bavaria by birth in 1805. Her full name was Sophie Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmine Prinzessin von Bayern. The name Sofia is of Greek origin and means wisdom, knowledge, wisdom, science, knowledge ...
  8. Vittoria is a queen's name. In this regard, Victoria of England is very famous.
  9. Catherine. History has handed down queens with this name: Caterina Riario Sforza, Catherine I of Russia, wife of Peter the Great; Catherine II of Russia, wife of Peter III; Catherine of France; Caterina de 'Medici; Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII; Catherine, Luther's wife.
  10. Carlotta is a name of Germanic origin, which means strong, valiant, daring; or even free, king, sovereign ... Charlotte Aldegonde Élise Marie Wilhelmine, or Charlotte of Luxembourg was Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and renounced the throne, in favor of her son John.
  11. Diana. It derives from the adjective divia that is "luminous". For the Romans she was the goddess of the hunt and protector of animals. Santa Diana is celebrated on June 10th. Diana Frances Spencer, also known as Lady Diana or Lady D, was married to Charles, Prince of Wales, from 1981 to 1996 Charles's wife.
  12. Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the name of various European queens, empresses and sovereigns and among the names inspired by the British royal family. By definition, the two homonymous queens of England: Elizabeth I (VXI century) and Elizabeth II (XX-XXI century); Elisabetta d'Austria (aka 'Sissi' who later became the subject-character of the film-sequel); the Hungarian Elisabetha Bathory (countess… vampire).
  13. Eugenia. Name of Greek origin, it means Well born, of good birth ('eughenés': 'eu' = good, happy and 'ghen' [= root of 'to be born', 'generate': 'ghenomai'], and 'génos' or 'ghénos' = origin); hence, by extension: Eugenio = of noble race or lineage. The name day is celebrated on: 13 July (St. Eugene bishop of Carthage [and other dates: saints and blessed with the same name]) 11 September and 25 December (St. Eugenia virgin and martyr in the city) 2 January, 16 Sept. (and other dates: saints and blessed with the same name). Eugenia of Greece, who lived in the early 900s, was the youngest of children and the only daughter of Prince George of Greece and Denmark and of his wife Princess Maria Bonaparte, daughter of Prince Rolando Bonaparte.
  14. Geneva means "bright among the elves". Guinevere was the legendary queen consort of King Arthur
  15. Irina. Of Greek origin, Eirene in Greek means "peace". Santa Irene is celebrated on 20 October, 1 April and 28 July. Irina Alexandrovna of the citynova, princess of Russia, was princess Yusupova and countess of Sumarokov-Elsto
  16. Isabella is the name of various queens and princesses in history. Very famous is Isabella I of Castile.


Names of Disney princesses

  1. Ariel. Ari-el means 'powerful'. It is the name of the sixteen year old mermaid princess, star of the Disney animated film 'The Little Mermaid'.
  2. Aurora. Disney animated cinema has renamed the princess protagonist of the popular fairy tale 'Sleeping Beauty' 'Aurora'.
  3. Belle is the famous protagonist of 'Beauty and the Beast', who becomes a princess by marrying the prince of the castle in the guise of a 'beast'.
  4. Jasmine. It derives from the name of the mulberry flower and is a name of Persian origins. Also, remember Aladdin's Princess Jasmine?
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