25 baby names inspired by nature

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If you are looking for evocative names, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of names inspired by the theme of nature (from the sea to the mountain). The choice is much wider for the female gender, but there are also some male names. Happy reading ... and may nature inspire you!

1. Alba. It comes from the Latin adjective albus, which means "blond, white". Alba is a capricious and sweet person, in fact her romanticism leads her to be a dreamer.

2. Amaranth. It comes from the Greek amarantos and means "that does not wither, lasting, immortal". The name in botany designates the Amaranthaceae family, plants of American origin also widespread in Del Paese.

3. Anemone. Anemones are flowers that originate from South Africa and South America. Also called "flower of the wind" for the delicacy of its petals, the anemone is a flower with a melancholy meaning because it recalls abandonment, regret and the hope of recovering a lost love.

4. Air. Name that could be a feminine form of the ancient Greek name Arius, or it could refer to the word Del Paesena "air". The name day is celebrated on November 1st, the feast of All Saints.

5. Aurora. It means "reddish, luminous, shining (golden: Àurea)". Aurora has an artistic personality, genuine and balanced from a sentimental point of view.

6. Azure. Of Persian origin, it means 'sapphire' and, by extension, as bright as sapphire or, by analogy, as serene and pure as the color of the sky. Simple and transparent character, as precious as the stone of the same name, devoted to friendship and family joys. Artistic aspirations and gymnastic-sporting trend.

7. Celeste. Caelestis means "right of the sky". San Celeste is remembered on July 27 or May 19. It exists in the diminutives of Celestino and Celestina.

8. Dalia. From the flower of the same name, scientifically called Dahlia, and in turn derived from the name of its discoverer, the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl who imported it from Mexico in 1789. It is an auspicious name for a good life and like all names derived from flowers it is a symbol of beauty.

9. Irises. Name of Greek origin. Iris has a light, poetic and multifaceted personality. She loves poetry and song, nature and animals: could she ever deny her name?

10. Flora. Name of an Italic deity and the city of spring. It comes from flos, "flower". She goddess of flowers and bride of the wind Zephyrus. Traditionally this name was given to all the girls born in spring. Santa Flora is celebrated on November 24th. The person who bears this name is sensitive, delicate, instinctive and very emotional.

11. Gemma. It means "sprout", it indicates the resurrection of life. Later it also took the meaning of "precious stone". Variants of the name: Gemmina, Jemma. She loves company and art. Gemma is also a self-controlled and very demure person.

12. Hyacinth. The Latinized Greek name Yàkinthos, belonging to the homonymous flower, is of uncertain etymology. Greek mythology tells of Yàkinthos, son of Amicles king of Sparta, who for his beauty was greatly loved by the god Apollo and by Zephyr, the western wind son of Eos. Apollo and Giacinto used to play discus throwing on the banks of the Eurota, but one day the jealousy of Zephyrus caused the discus thrown by the god to deviate and fatally struck the boy. Apollo, overwhelmed by pain, transformed his beloved friend into the flower that bears his name and purple petals were born from the drops of blood that fell to the ground. The name is linked to the cult of various saints. The name day is celebrated on August 17th. White color. Stone: diamond.

13. Light. It means "shining", "luminous" [coming from the light], "splendid". Euphonic name in both masculine and feminine terms. Like "wings", like "moose" it hovers in the wind reverberating light, heat, feeling ... A treasure of humanity.

14. Luna. An affective and auspicious name, given to a daughter with the wish that she will be as beautiful and bright as the moon.

15. Margherita. It means "precious, rare person". To say that every daisy is a flower seems trivial and reductive. In her name there is a lot of SEA, EARTH, a lot of ART and even a little bit of MARS… In short, in her life she DESERVES everything good she seeks and obtains.

16. Marina. It derives from the nickname Marinus, from Marius; it can also be associated with marinus, "he who comes from the sea". The name day is celebrated on June 18 and July 17. A variant is Marinella.

17. Name. Variant of Nives. Name spread thanks to the cult of "Maria Santissima ad nives", the Madonna delle Nevi, commemorated on 5 August.

18. Then. It derives from the "Ondine" (name coined by Paracelsus), fantastic creatures, half woman and half fish, like the sirens, which inspired fairy tales and legends and even an opera, the Loreley by Catalani, where there is a dance of Ondine.

19. Bear. From the Latin Ursus, "bear", is a very old name taken from an animal name. The name day falls on 21 October.

20. Ortensio. The name is of Latin origin and derives from Hortensis which, in turn, comes from Hortense, nickname of the goddess Venus and which means "who is in the garden". The flower of the same name is beautiful.

21. Pearl. Affective name, from pearl, given as a wish for beauty and virtue.

22. Sylvester. It comes from the Latin noun silva "selva, bosco" and means "inhabitant of the forest". Popular tradition tells of Silvestro, who lived in the fourth century, became pope in the years that followed the edict of Constantine, years marked by a difficult coexistence between Christians and pagans. He is remembered on December 31st.

23. Star. It means "bright, shining". Stella is refined and demanding (especially with herself). The good taste that characterizes her guides her to choose activities in the world of art and fashion .. In short, Stella in name and in fact.

24. Pink. Delicate, sensitive and light like the flower of the same name, but also determined and passionate (knows OSAR, as the anagram suggests!). Projected into the social, open and available to solidarity. She loves and cultivates poetry.

25. Violet. It refers to the name of the plant with ... purple flowers (in Greek 'ion'), a symbol of sadness and modesty. Viola is also the proper musical instrument. The sonorous sweetness of the name (euphonic) corresponds to the sensitivity, delicacy and elegance of the soul of each Viola.



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