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If you like the Spanish language and adore Latin vitality, you can give the unborn child, if it is a boy, a name that is widespread especially in Spain and Latin countries. We offer you 25 cheerful and original Spanish male names with their respective meanings. Here's what they are.

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We have selected thirty male names from the most varied origins: from ancient Greece, such as Eros and Denis; to the biblical world, Saul and Jonah; to the Arab world, Samir and Omar; up to the countries ...

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Male Spanish names in alphabetical order

Here are some Spanish male names - with their respective meanings - in alphabetical order. 

  1. Alvaro means "defender of all" or "very careful".
  2. Alfonso (or Alonso) means "fast" and "brave".
  3. Borja derives from an Arabic lemma with the meaning of "tower". The name reflects the cult of San Francesco Borgia, a Jesuit.
  4. Diego, name of Greek origin, means "educated", "cultured".
  5. Domingo is a Spanish variant of Domenico Del Paeseno and means "of the Lord" or "dedicated or devoted to the Lord".
  6. Enrique means "strong in the house", but also "rich, sir".
  7. Esteban is a Spanish variant of Stephen, the meaning of which is "garland" [of martyrdom], [surrounded by] "crown", "crowned". The intelligence and character of someone called Esteban are really fantastic.
  8. German has two origins: from germanus, "brother, sister", or from Germanus, "inhabitant of Germany".
  9. Guillermo means "helmet of the will; protected by the will". Selfless and protective, sociable and generous to the point of sacrifice.
  10. Juan is a Spanish variant of John, the meaning of which is "gift or grace of God". Name "beneficial" and graceful as the "grace" of its meaning, which also connotes a gentle character, yes, but firm and decisive.
  11. Martin is consecrated and dedicated to Mars ('Mars-Martis'), god of war. The ... seductive ARTS are suitable for the sentimental Martino.
  12. Paco is variant of Pablo. He originates from the name Paulus or Paullus, in turn derived from the adjective paucus, "small in stature". He is as bold as the white-headed sea eagle.
  13. Pedro (in Del Paeseno Pietro) sounds a bit harsh as a name, but it actually denotes people with great tenderness of heart, strength of mind and basic altruism.
  14. Ramon means "protection of wits, ingenuity and intelligence…". Lively personality with multiform ingenuity: acute intelligence, cheerful character, even if at times it may seem harsh.
  15. Santiago is Spanish variant of Giacomo. It means "follower, faithful of God". Full sounding name, in keeping with the firmness of faith and consistency of character. And then a lot of love.
  16. Tobias. In Hebrew Thobhiyah means "Yahvweh (God) is good".
  17. Valentin means "he who is worth, is in good health". Valentin is energetic, tenacious, passionate.
  18. Victor means "victorious, he who wins [especially over evil]". What else can Vittorio expect from life? Hurray!
  19. Xavier is a multilingual variant of Xavier and means "new [and splendid-resplendent] house". Xavier is friendly and respectful, strengthened in kindness thanks to the Latin greeting he carries written in his name: AVE.

Most Popular Male Spanish Names

Here are some of the most popular Spanish male names in the world.

  1. Alejandro: his personality is characterized by fullness. A totally positive aura.
  2. Carlos is a "Teutonic" name and whoever wears it has an unparalleled firmness.
  3. Francisco means "relating to France or coming from France".
  4. José is a Spanish variant of Joseph and means "God increase, increase, add [the newborn to the other children]". Joseph is a theophoric name that is, it contains within itself the divine name.
  5. Manuel means "with us is God". Euphonic name (with a very sweet sound) that reflects a harmonious, balanced, loyal and coherent personality, practical and efficient, but not without the dimension of those who know how to daydream.
  6. Pablo means "small" [in stature]; but also "second born". Small in stature, perhaps, Paolo: but certainly great in intellect, soul and heart.
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