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A place recalls memories and experiences that we would like to always carry with us. Why not use it with your baby? The names that recall places are called corònimi [comp. of the gr. χώρα «region» and -onym].

Here is a list to decide on.

  1. Adelaide. Of Germanic origin, it means Nobility ('adal') of lineage, appearance [and soul]. Adelaide is a city in Australia.

  2. Hadrian. Of Latin origin and means "coming from Adria".

  3. Africa. Name of Greek origin. It means "exposed to the sun". It is the name of one of the continents.

  4. Alaska. Not very common name of American origin, which refers to one of the 50 states of the USA, north-west of Canada.

  5. Albano. Literally it means "man from Alba". Sant'Albano is celebrated on June 21st.

  6. Alexandria. Female variant of the name Alessandro. Of Greek origin, it means: He who protects men (but also "man saved", "who saves").

  7. America. Name of Germanic origin, which means "heroic princess". It obviously refers to the American continent.

  8. Asia or Asja (Russian variant). Ethnic name of Assyrian origin (corònimo, i.e. name of the region) dating back to the time of the city, from the meaning of Asia it is celebrated on 27 July.

  9. Bonifacio. The Latin name Bonifacius, from the adjective bonifactus, made up of bonus "good" and fatum "destiny", is an auspicious name that can be translated into "may he have a happy destiny". A second medieval interpretation makes it derive from the verb facere, with the meaning of "one who does well". On May 14, St. Boniface martyr is celebrated in Tarsus. It is the name of a Corsican city.

  10. Brooklyn. Name of North American origin, which derives from the Irish Breukelen. Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York.

  11. Cairo. Name of African origin, which refers to the city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It means "winner" and a variation of this name is Kairo.

  12. Chicago Name that refers to the third most populated city in the USA. It is quite rare. It could mean "fragrant onion" or "wild garlic" (French translation of the Native American word shikaakwa).

  13. Dakota. Name that derives from the ancient American tribe of the "Dakota" and means "ally" or "friend" in the Dakota language. It is also the name of two states in the USA: North Dakota and South Dakota.

  14. Egypt. Female name of English origin, which refers to the homonymous country.

  15. Europe. From the Greek Euro'pe is a name that refers to a classical and, in part, also ideological matrix. It is taken from the name of the daughter of the Phoenician king Agenore who was kidnapped by Zeus turning into a bull and taken to Crete and from which the name of the homonymous continent will derive.

  16. Florence. Florette, Floriane, are all French variants of our Fiorenza: from the Latin florens, "that blooms, girl in bloom". A decidedly propitiatory name. The name day is celebrated on 10 November.

  17. Gaetano. It means "living in or coming from Gaeta". San Gaetano is celebrated on 7 August.

  18. Georgia. Del Paesena and German variant of the name Giorgio. It means "he or she who works the land, farmer, peasant" and is celebrated on April 23 or February 15. Georgia is a nation between Europe and Asia.

  19. Geneva. Of Celtic origin, it means "Spirit or white genius (in Cimbrian: 'gwen' = white; 'hwyfar': spirit); shining elf…". The name day is celebrated on 11 January.

  20. India. It is a female name mostly used in England.

  21. Ireland. Uncommon name, which can be used for both men and women. It originates in the Gaelic languages. It is also the name of the third largest island in Europe, in the north-east of the European continent.

  22. Del Paese or Itala. The etymology goes back to the Italos noun, "bull", the meaning is "rich and fertile land".

  23. Lidia. It was adopted as the name of slaves and freedmen in Ancient Greece. The name day is celebrated on 3 August. There are Lydia and Lida variants. Lydia is an ancient historical region located in western Asia Minor.

  24. Lorena. Italian-French origin and means "land of laurels (laurels)". Lorraine is adhespot, that is, she has no patron saint of the same name; then it is celebrated on All Saints' Day. Lorraine is a historic region in northeastern France bordering Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

  25. Milan. It remembers our city and is the name of the son of Shakira and Piquè. In Serbian: Benign, dear, precious, rare - (in Slavic 'milina' = graceful, beautiful ... but also a lover of peace, merciful, good-natured: meaning that it would be credited as a variant of 'Miloslava', that is "glorious for the his mercy and clemency "). She also coincides with a common Hindi name, Milan, which derives from Sanskrit and means "unification", "meeting".

  26. Oceania. Adhespot name for girl that comes from the Greek Okeanos and means "immensity".

  27. Paris. Greek origin (literary and toponymic [in the probable intersection with Paris city]) or perhaps even pre-Greek, borrowed from the Persian. It means fighter.

  28. of the city. Name referring to the homonymous capital of the country. It derives from the Latin name Romolo, one of the ancient founders (together with Remo) of the city of Del Paesena.

  29. Siena. Name of Anglo-Saxon origin, which refers to "terra di Siena", ie a "red-orange" gradation color. It is also the homonymous city Del Paesena, located in an area of ​​Tuscany that has, in fact, the "red-orange" land. A variation is Sienna.

  30. Syria, Syrian or Siro. Of Arabic origin, it means "native or coming from Syria (but also 'fiery' or 're-shining' from the Greek 'seirios')". The name day is celebrated on 8 June (Santa Sira di Troyes, religious), 29 June (San Siro di Genova), 26 November (San Siricio, pope) and 9 December (San Siro di Pavia, protector of the city).

  31. Tennessee It is a name used by the Cherokees Indians and means "mighty warrior". It is also the name of a river in the United States, a tributary of the Ohio River.

  32. Washington. From the Anglo-Saxon: "city on the Potomac River".

  33. Wellington. From the Anglo-Saxon: "city of the wealthy man". Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.



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