4 games that facilitate the abandonment of the diaper

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The abandonment of the diaper should generally take place between the ages of 2 and 3, although it must be kept in mind that each child has a different pace of development. Therefore, it is something that can happen even before or after 2-3 years.

The Spanish psychologist Borja Quicios, in a post in the magazine Serpadres.es, indicated some games to facilitate the abandonment of the diaper, to help parents carry out this delicate operation in a 'pleasant' way and to ensure that it does not constitute a trauma for the child.

Operation "diaper"

To find out if a baby is ready to leave the diaper we should look at:

1. Physical signals

  • He already has enough coordination to walk and keep his balance.
  • Stay 'dry' for periods of about 3 to 4 hours (i.e. start checking your sphincter).
  • He is able to raise and lower his pants by himself.

2. The psychological signals

The psychological implications of the bodily functions that control the sphincters are very deep and complicated, it is better to interfere as little as possible. However, the important signs may be the following:

  • It bothers him to have a dirty diaper;
  • Try to imitate adults when they go to the bathroom;
  • He feels proud of his achievements;
  • It is not a child who says "no" to everything;
  • He knows when to go to the bathroom and asks.

The most important thing is that the parents notice, in a general way and on the basis of these signals, that the child is becoming independent. Starting early and not paying attention to these signs can result in:

  • Conflict: if not managed well, it can become a struggle between children and parents;
  • Constipation: the child may feel fear and may begin to hold on to pee or poop;
  • Low self-esteem: His self-esteem may drop as he feels guilty for not being able to do what adults ask him to do.
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Games that help in "this adventure"

Through play, children are very likely to process and learn many things. Here are which games favor, according to the Spanish psychologist, the abandonment of the diaper:

1. Sing songs

Children love songs and singing is an important way for children to learn. In Spain there are songs that speak precisely of this theme, such as "the song of pee and poo". You parents can still give free space to your musical creativity.

2. Telling stories

Thanks to stories it is easier to convey concepts to children. In addition, the use of drawings helps the child to identify situations more easily. There are countless stories in which the protagonists address issues related to potty training.

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3. Play with water

With this game we can reinforce the idea of ​​"continence". The game consists in bringing the liquid from one container to another with jars, funnels and other types of containers.

What do we need? Water, funnels, bottles, jars, paper or a cleaning rag.

How to play? Give the child a bottle of water, funnels, saucepans, vases. All kinds of containers. Play with him and do it freely. If a little water falls, you say: "Oops, nothing happens, with a little paper it dries everything". Have fun!

4. Play with plasticine, mud, clay, etc.

Play with plasticine aims to satisfy the curiosity of children about their own excrement. 'Familiarizing yourself with poop' is one of the steps to take in this diaper abandonment process. We can use all these types of materials such as plasticine, mud, clay sold ready for use. We can also make the game a little more fun by using bread crumbs.

(Find out how to make clay at home!)

What do we need? Bread (or other modeling material), water, vegetable paint of different colors.

How to play? Put some breadcrumbs, some vegetable paint and a pinch of water in a bowl. Knead with your hands and gradually add a small amount of water, until you find the desired consistency. And now enjoy!



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