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  • 3 Black Friday e lista nascita “low cost” 
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Personal. Single. Unmistakable. Mothers' style is never the same, it stands out for the details, it is perfected in the little things. And it makes every child and every accessory of hers special. There are sophisticated mothers, “smart” or ecological or “high tech” mothers. Mothers fond of tradition and others who look to the future. Mothers who work outside the home and those who instead dedicate themselves 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to the family. For each mother there is therefore a different birth list. 

Obviously, even purchases are affected by the personality of those who make them. We therefore thought of some different proposals according to the "type of mother". You will therefore find various birth lists: "cool", "green", "low cost", "romantic" and "tech". Each of these presents 5 products: cot, trio, high chair for baby food, changing table, anti-abandonment device. Same type, but different characteristics depending on the mother's profile. 

But in addition to the "personalized" list, there is another advantage for you: the Black Friday discounts, the Amazon promotional campaign, an appointment that is renewed every year with hundreds of products on offer in any sales sector. Black Friday is next Friday, November 27th, but the promotions have already started. So… go to the best shopping with the cheapest discount!

But before we start, answer this question: what kind of mom do you belong to?

Black Friday and "cool" birth list 

Here is our selection of products for mothers who love to follow the trends of the moment and do not miss the most fashionable purchases. 

Chicco Next 2 Me: it is the bed for co-sleeping par excellence, a real “must” for the trendiest mothers. The cot that is positioned next to the parents' bed guarantees maximum comfort, especially in case of breastfeeding. Thanks to 11 heights, it is compatible with most beds. The Next 2 Me can be tilted in case of regurgitation or a stuffy nose. The mattress is supplied.

Foppapedretti 3Chic: the name already suggests some of the peculiarities of this elegant and functional trio. Made of aluminum, the three components are practical and tested according to legal regulations. The black and white optical pattern make it unique in its kind. As an accessory there is a practical bag with internal compartments and removable changing mat.

Kinderkraft seggiolone dad: if you are looking for a high chair different from the others, with a very attractive design, this is the one for you. The wooden legs with non-slip tips also offer a guarantee of safety. The tray is adjustable, the footrest can be removed and the product is easy to clean. The padded seat is covered in eco-leather: just wipe with a damp cloth. 

Fasciatoio Safety 1st Dolphy: a single product for changing table and baby bath to save space and ensure maximum ease of use. To use the tub, simply remove the padded mattress. Comfort is the watchword of this product. This is demonstrated by the number of compartments and compartments that allow you to really have everything at your fingertips. The bath tub is ergonomic.

Tippy Pad anti-abandonment device: by now we know, this device is mandatory up to 4 years of age. Why not choose it useful and aesthetically pleasing? The compromise between these features is the Tippy Pad. The cushion is placed on the seat and thus detects the presence of the child seated. If the little one stays in the car, it raises two levels of alarm. Very convenient because it is wireless. 

Black Friday and "green" birth list 

Paying attention to the environment, even in choosing what you buy, means helping to preserve our world: the little ones of today are the adults of tomorrow. 

Foppapedretti sunbed Lucy: classic bed with wooden sides, which is the preferred material of this company that winks at sustainability. In fact, the products are made in such a way as to safeguard the forests. The Lucy cot, in solid beech wood, is also painted with non-toxic colors. It is equipped with slats, an adjustable side, rubber wheels and a large linen drawer. 

Hauck Rapid 3 Plus Trio: this trio consists of a large carrycot (up to 9 kg in weight), a carrycot with side bumpers and a three-wheeled stroller. The Comfort Fix infant carrier has won a special safety test. The stroller folds up in seconds and guarantees compact dimensions. Thanks to the swiveling wheels, the Rapid 3 is very manageable, which makes it suitable for any type of environment.

Hauck Beta Plus Set Deluxe evolutionary high chair: simply calling it a highchair would be an understatement because it is able to accompany your baby's growth from birth. Thanks to the newborn set, your little one can be with you at the table right away. The high chair grows with him. Green choice because it was built according to precise European quality standards. 

Stuff wall-mounted changing table: natural wood, non-toxic paint and certified materials for the most “easy” wall changing table there is. Foldable, space-saving, safe, it can be used from birth until your baby has reached 15 kilos in weight. The mattress supplied is covered in pvc free of harmful substances and lined with soft fabric. The changing table opens and closes with one hand. 

Pisolo anti abandonment device: if there is an anti-abandonment device that 100% embraces environmental issues, this is it. It practically does not need technology, something that today would seem unthinkable. You don't need smartphones, apps, bluetooth or even installation. Just insert it in your car: it works automatically when the car is turned on.

Black Friday e lista nascita “low cost” 

But who said that to make a birth list you have to spend thousands of euros? We just have to choose good products at an affordable price. It can be done

Lionelo Sven Plus sunbed: don't just call it a camping cot. It is so much more! First of all, it has a good quality sponge mattress that will guarantee sweet dreams to the baby. For older children there is a side opening to enter and exit by yourself. The cot folds up easily and, when closed, has a small size that allows you to take it with you when traveling. It has a very practical changing table that hooks onto the edge. 

Hauck SLX Shopper Trio Set: simple and functional, this trio is perfect for those looking for a good product, but does not have the highest demands. The Zero Plus car seat has a 3-point safety belt and is approved according to current regulations. The stroller is sporty and, when folded, it is very compact. The stroller can be used up to a child's 25 kilos.

Cam Miniplus high chair: the perfect balance between made in Italy quality and price is all in this high chair from Cam. Practical for parents and comfortable for children, it can be used from 6 to 36 months, so for a long time. The backrest inclinations are 3, as well as the possible positions of the footrest. The highchair has passed all lateral, front and rear stability tests to avoid tipping over. 

Brevi Lindo baby bath and changing table: the convenience of this product lies in the fact that you can change the function with one hand, even when holding the baby in your arms. The tub is anatomical and allows a double position: lying down for babies and sitting for older children. The late side rails of the mattress make it very safe. Ideal for not too large rooms.

Chicco Bebècare Easy-Tech: this anti-abandonment system is universal. That is, it can be used both on seats already on the market and on new ones. Use is very easy: after attaching it to the seat or car seat belts, simply close it. After installation, the connection is made automatically by closing the device. Equipped with double alarm signal.

Black Friday e lista nascita “romantic” 

Are you romantic mothers, lovers of beautiful and refined things without sacrificing practicality? This is the perfect baby list for you.

Waldin cot with hood: the triumph of romanticism is all in this cradle. The wicker basket (handmade) is a riot of bows, folds and veils. The canopy makes it as unique and special as in your dreams. Bumper, blanket, duvet cover, pillow and pillowcase are made entirely of cotton, non-toxic, removable and washable. In the package you will also find the rods for the canopy. Two year warranty. 

Chicco Trio Sprint: very delicate beige for this Chicco modular system. The carrycot has a padded mattress, a cover and a perforated base to ensure the right comfort. The car seat also has a reducer, so that it can be used safely from birth. The stroller is very handy and has a large and welcoming seat. Extremely attractive price. 

Peg-Perego high chair before baby food: is there anything more romantic than pink? Even if we are doing a little "spite" to our little boys, we have selected a high chair for girls in candy pink. Ultralight and multifunctional, it follows the growth from 0 to 3 years. This high chair is in fact approved from birth and can be fully reclined to encourage nice naps. 

Foppapedretti Dolcecuore baby bath / changing table: the Dolcecuore line by Foppapedretti is the top of romanticism, thanks to the teddy bear and the little hearts that characterize it. The tub is anatomic and removable, while the changing table can be folded down with a soft close. By purchasing this product there is a very useful accessory: the “Maialino” nappy-eater with a refill included. 

Cappy Toppy anti abandonment device: the revolution in this sector was made by Cappy Toppy. Babi Alert is an intelligent key ring that, thanks to a sophisticated alarm system, alerts you if you have forgotten your phone in the car. In this way you can better monitor the presence of the child. Babi Alert can control 4 anti-abandonment devices at the same time. 

Black Friday and "high tech" birth list

It is now almost impossible not to be technologically connected with the rest of the world. Technology can also help with baby shopping

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1: a single product for 4 functions. Chicco Baby Hug is a cradle, bouncer, high chair and chair to attach to the table. What more could you wish for! The height can be adjusted simply using a comfortable foot pedal. In this way, you will maintain constant eye contact with the baby. The game bar includes both lullabies and funny music, lights and soft toys.

Hauck Viper SLX 3-in-1 stroller set: let yourself be conquered. Convenient, easy to close, handy, safe: these are the main features of this product which is also aesthetically beautiful. The stroller is very modern with three wheels and is suitable for any parent, sporty or not. The soft top has a special feature: the "windows" on both sides for a better look. 

Peg-Perego high chair Tatamia follow me: the latest generation design and the strawberry color of this high chair will pleasantly surprise you. Also in this case there are 3 products in 1: high chair, bouncer, rocking chair. The double tray is removable. When it is removed, the high chair can be placed next to the table to allow the child to stay with the parents. Age: 0 to 36 months. 

Dieghino smart changing table with scale: with this changing table you will have everything at your fingertips. Not only diaper holders, but also digital scales and metric scales. All with the utmost safety. This changing table has been designed with a special fall arrest system. Furthermore, unlike the classic mattresses, the one supplied is covered with a particular fabric designed specifically for contact with the skin. 

Ehyfra anti abandonment device: the new generation device is approved and in accordance with the law. It is positioned wherever you want in the car and will always remain on. Entering the car and opening the app will activate the anti-abandonment function. At the end of the trip, after taking the baby, you will have to click "End of Trip" in the app or in the notifications, to notify the device that the trip is over.

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