5 exercises to slim your thighs after giving birth

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After the birth of the child, For the new mom a challenging and at the same time beautiful period begins. All the attention is focused on the newcomer, but don't make the mistake of putting it off for too long remise en forme, indeed. So here are some specific exercises for the legs, in particular the thighs, which can also be done at home.

A five-exercise session that lasts only 10 minutes

How do you explain Matteo Scorza, Milanese personal trainer of the group of gyms GetFit: «The sooner you start exercising again, the faster you will return to your pre-pregnancy weight. It is important to start moving again gradually, with short targeted training sessions. I propose 5 exercises designed to reshape the thighs, which can be done at home and free body. The duration is about 10 minutes, so as not to steal too much time from the child ».

This, of course, in optimal health conditions. However, before returning to move it is advisable to ask your family doctor for an opinion and, perhaps, at least for the first sessions, to be followed by a professional.

1. The classic squat

The first exercise is it squatting. «It is a push-up on the legs performed in an upright position. The legs must be spread apart, with the toes turned outwards, the heels firmly on the ground, the back straight and the shoulders soft. Breathing in, I bend my legs down until the knees form a 90 degree angle with the thighs. Then I exhale and slowly I go up again on my feet ». The exercise lasts thirty seconds, during which you try to perform the maximum number of repetitions of the push-up.

2. I lunge it from behind

The second exercise is thelunge for behind. «Also in this case he starts standing, with his legs apart in line with the hips and his hands resting at his sides. I inhale by taking a large step back with my right foot and lower myself to a 90 degree angle with my left knee. Then I exhale and slowly return to the initial position ». The exercise involves 30 seconds of consecutive lunges with the right leg and then 30 seconds of switching sides.

3. Guns swimming in four-legged

After repeating the 30-second series of squats and lunges five times, we move on to three pilates exercises, much softer than the previous ones. As these are floor exercises, it is helpful to have a mat to stretch out on. «We start over from swimming in four-legged. He gets on all fours, with his hands aligned under the shoulders and the knees at the hips. The right arm is extended forward and the right leg backwards at the same time, allowing the weight of the body to be supported by the opposite limbs, which have remained in the starting position ». Again, the execution times are 30 seconds for each side.


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4. The sidekick, or the side kick

Il sidekick, in Del Paeseno side kick, is very effective for shaping the hips. «To do it, I lie on my back on the left side, resting my head on the flexed arm. At this point I lift my right leg, always trying to keep it straight and keeping the alignment between the waistline and the shoulders. Then I go back to the starting position ». As for the previous exercises: 30 seconds of repetitions on the left side and 30 seconds on the right.

5. Il shoulder bridge

The training ends with the shoulder bridge, or the shoulder bridge, which immobilizes the spine by working the buttocks and thighs. «We start on the ground, supine, with the legs bent and the feet resting on the ground. The heels should not be too far from the buttocks and the arms at the sides. Breathing in, I bring the pelvis upwards and then lift the other lower ones, remaining resting only on the feet and shoulders. Then, exhaling, I return to the starting position ». Repeat the exercise up for 30 seconds.

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