6 ways to get kids to eat fish

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It is well known that children can be very demanding at the table. Fish definitely doesn't scream "baby food" like chicken nuggets or spaghetti with meatballs do. Because? They may find fish bones, the raw smell is not very tempting and can have a "fishy" taste, depending on the type and how it was prepared. The good news is that you can disguise the classic fish and make it more appealing to the little ones with a few tricks. Try these 6 recipes to bring it to the table in a simple and fun way.

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The importance of giving fish to children

The proteins contained in the fish are of excellent quality and in quantities only slightly lower than those contained in the meat. Fish is also very rich in vitamins, such as those of group D, which are very important for making children's bones more solid. Those of group B, on the other hand, are essential for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland and for the protection of eyesight and tissues. In addition to vitamins, fish contains many other elements that are important for the proper functioning of our body, such as phosphorus, iodine, iron and fluorine. Among these are the famous Omega 3s, which play a fundamental role in the development of the brain and retina.

Fish Hamburger

Replace classic beef or turkey with white fish or salmon. The white fish in small pieces can be cooked, flaked and mixed with mashed potatoes, which you can combine with egg or breadcrumbs and then fried in a pan. White fish is more delicate and the flavor can be easily masked.

Fish sticks

Kids love breaded chicken sticks, so why not try fish sticks? Cut the fish into strips, then cover it with a beaten egg and breadcrumbs, which gives the fish a crunchy appearance. In this way children can eat them in a simple way, they are easily cut and they can also eat them with their hands, perhaps in front of a good movie all together in the family. You can also create breaded fish with other molds, thus creating more fun dishes! Obviously children love them eaten with chips, but in this case you can look for a compromise: fish sticks yes, but with broccoli!

Taco day

Tacos are the finger food par excellence. You can marinate the fish with some fresh lemon juice and season with a mixture of spices. Fry or bake and put it in a tortilla. To spice up the evening, prepare a topping bar filled with freshly cut veggies to accompany the fish, as well as some flavorful toppings like sour cream and sauces. Kids will love making their own special tacos.

Sweet fish

Make the fish sweeter. Try making it Hawaiian-style like mahi mahi and other dense fleshed fish. The meat-like texture can make it more acceptable to some babies. You can also try a teriyaki sauce, which can be sweet and perfect for kids.

Salmon rice

Salmon risotto is perfect for children who already love strong tastes. Steamed and then mixed with rice, it will be an excellent food to be offered even once a week. Better to use rice, which dulls the strong flavor of the salmon a little, and cook in a vegetable broth. Steam the salmon separately to ensure that it loses excess fat while retaining its properties.

Fish balls

You can offer the fish balls either alone with vegetables, or with spaghetti by proposing a first course like that of "Lilli e il Vagabondo" but revisited. Mix the fish such as hake or sole with the boiled potatoes and a little parsley. Flour them and create the shape you like best.

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