8 apps to monitor your baby's growth

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“How many feedings has the baby had today? When to take it to the next medical examination? How can I keep him under control while he sleeps? ”. Technology runs to the aid of all new parents: here it is 8 applications, recommended by the App Store and Google Play, which they help keep track of everything your baby needs in the first few months and years of growth. Try to download them on smartphones and tablets, obviously remembering that in no case can they replace the advice of the pediatrician.


How a baby grows month by month in the first year of life

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From the first smiles to when he manages to hold his head alone, from when he begins to take an interest in food at the first steps. In the first year of a child's life, every little progress is a ...

1. iBimbo, to keep track of all progress

From the creators of MyModernsParents, this app - free for the App Store and Google Play - is created with the collaboration of engineers, mothers and pediatricians. It helps to keep track of your child's progress in a simple and intuitive way: after having entered the data of the baby, the most varied activities can be recorded day by day, from feedings with artificial milk to the duration of natural breastfeeding, from diaper changes to the quantity of milk obtained with the breast pump, from hours of sleep to vitamins administered. Finally, there is a section dedicated to medical information, where you can find answers and advice to the most common problems and doubts.

iBimbo, to record the most varied activities day after day.

2. Sprout Bambino, the sharing app

Interesting for this app is the "sharing" mode, which allows you to synchronize information on various devices to allow you to share updates even with your partner. Furthermore, the "multiple children”Allows you to annotate the data of twins or other children in one app. With Sprout you can track the baby's sleep, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, being able to analyze the various activities in the form of a diagram. There is also the growth tracker, which records and shows in the form of a diagram the height, weight and size of the head as the child grows and compares the information with the WHO percentages. Finally, the possibility of creating a small album of memories to be shared on Facebook or exported to an eBook is fun. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Sprout baby, with the "multiple children" function allows you to annotate the data of twins or other children in one app.

3. iBebe, monitor development with graphics

This app helps parents follow their child's growth by monitoring their development and comparing them with international growth charts. It is possible to record and check the time between breastfeeding sessions, the duration of each feed, the number of bottles administered or the last breast used. It also records the baby's sleep quality and allows you to show it in graphs, to know in which position he slept, what he needs to fall asleep (pacifier, music, etc.). In the end, helps parents remember when the child took the last medicine, remember doses, vaccines or doctor visits. Available on the App Store for € 0,99.

iBebe, helps parents to follow the child's growth by monitoring its development and comparing it with international growth charts.

4. Baby Care, useful reminders

Available for Android, this app helps parents and babysitters remember what their baby needs with useful reminders: from bottles to medical visits.. Allows you to write a real baby diary, adding photos and audio recordings to later share with your partner, relatives or friends. It can also be used for more than one child and with useful graphs it shows the child's growth statistics, comparing the data with the CDC / WHO guidelines.

Baby Care, helps parents and babysitters to remember what the baby needs with useful reminders

5. Allergy Control, to recognize respiratory allergies

This app created by FederAsma is available on the App Store and Google Play.It allows parents to learn about respiratory allergies, allergens, pollen calendars and therapies to better manage Specific Allergen Immunotherapy. It therefore helps to recognize not only the symptoms but also the causes of allergies with informative videos, useful tips from experts, innovative features such as the allergy diary.

Allergy Control helps to recognize respiratory allergies, allergens, pollen calendars

6. White Noise Ambience Lite, per fare le nanne

If you are looking for a way to make your children fall asleep, try "White Noise Ambience", available for free in the "lite" version on the App store: the app allows you to recreate the so-called "white noises", background sounds, which often prove to be perfect for inducing sleep in young children. The app thus allows you to choose between the sound of waves or dishes, the buzz of a restaurant, the ticking of rain.

White Noise Ambience recreates the "white noises", background sounds, which help to induce sleep in young children.

7. Baby Tracker, shared baby diary

With Baby Tracker it is possible to create a diary shared between all the people who take care of the baby, to monitor step by step the daily habits of the baby, its health and its stages of development. Meals, diaper changes and naps can be recorded and optional notes and photos can be added. It records your child's growth charts and allows you to view the data weekly or monthly and export it to HTML to show it to the pediatrician, for example. Available for Android and iOS.

Baby Tracker creates a diary shared between all the people who take care of the baby.

8. Baby Monitor 3G

A useful app to always stay in touch with your baby: Baby Monitor allows you to interact with two iOS or Android devices for monitor the little one at all times, from one room to another, with video but also with audio to distinctly hear the noises coming from the child's room. 3,99 euros on the Apple Store and Google Play.

3g Baby Monitor, useful for always staying in touch with your baby even from room to room.

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