8 perfect snacks for children SUPER easy and low in calories

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Even a snack is an important mini meal for a developing organism like that of a child, but it is important not to exceed in calories. Nutrition pediatricians agree: the snack should not exceed 150 kcal, equal to 10% of the daily caloric requirement. Here are some perfect snacks for children.

1) Creamy white yogurt with pieces of fresh seasonal fruit


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  • Read theNUTRITIONAL LABEL. The ingredients are listed in descending order, so BEWARE OF THE FIRST INGREDIENTS !!: Choose snacks in which there are no sugars and fats among the first ingredients.
  • the caloric intake for a single snack should not exceed 150 kcal (equal to 10% of the daily caloric requirement).
  • Each snack should have, per 100 g of product, a content of: saturated fat equal to less than one third of the total fat content; sugars less than 15 g (equal to 3 teaspoons); salt between 0,3 g and maximum 1 g; sodium between 0,12 and maximum 0,5 g.
  • Prefer snacks that do not contain, among the ingredients: vegetable fats, palm oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat, glucose-fructose syrup, concentrated juice, dextrose.
  • And remember: the fewer ingredients a snack has, the healthier it is!

Recipe: strawberry grape sweet focaccia

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A delicious sweet stuffed focaccia. To be prepared with strawberry grapes or with other seasonal fruit. It will surely conquer the little ones.

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