8 tips for surviving on a train with a newborn

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By choice or by necessity, traveling by train with an infant it can be the winning option, especially if you are alone. However, there are some precautions to prevent the experience from turning into a nightmare. We collected them from an article by Wannabemum, the useful site for finding your way around the complicated and fascinating world of care.

1. See and foresee

Pay attention to the time of departure and arrival: plan your trip based on your child's habits so you will be sure not to make him too nervous. If you know that he has no problem sleeping in the stroller or in the egg, travel to the longest sleep time of him; otherwise, take the train when he is awake perhaps, perhaps when he has to have a meal or a snack to have an activity that can amuse him a little.
Trips longer than three hours are not recommended and, at least at the beginning, those with the changes. Another foresight is that of reserve the seat near the door because in front there is space to leave the stroller open, without bothering the other passengers.

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2. Stroller and baby carrier, the "musts"

Depending on the age of the child, bring the pram, the egg and the stroller with you: not only will they be very comfortable in case the child should sleep or play (placing them on the ground is in fact unthinkable and on the seat can be dangerous) , but you will also need them to carry the change and toy bag, without having to carry them by hand. Add to this also the pouch (or the headband), very convenient to put the excited baby to sleep but also to take a ride among the carriages and make him change the air.

3. Travel light

Recover the camping experience and fit everything you need into one practical backpack that you can put on your shoulders, leaving your hands free to push the stroller. Remember that, eventually, what you are missing you can buy it at your destination.

4. Get accompanied

It's okay to be strong and independent, but traveling alone with an infant it can be exhausting. So, at least upon arrival, let us pick you up: it will be nice to have someone to welcome you and, above all, it will be very useful to unload your luggage from the carriage.

5. The baby food, first of all

Mothers who breastfeed have an easy life, but also give theartificial by train it is not too complicated. Equip yourself with a container where you can put the right amount of powder and a thermos with hot water; alternatively, you can bring a brick of liquid milk to open when needed (if you need to warm it, bring a travel bottle warmer).
In the case of weaned babies, prepare some a little thicker gruel than usual, to avoid problems related to the movement of the train, and keep it in a thermos. Also useful to bring some snack, like a carrot or slices of apple for the baby to munch on.

6. A "bomb-proof" exchange bag

Diapers, sleeper, towel, a change of clothes (bodysuit included), a spare pacifier (if you use it) and billions of wet wipes that, you will see, you will need for everything. Here is what you need to put in the change bag. Then inquire, perhaps by asking the conductor, why several convoys have changing tables in carriage 3.
Don't forget a few games too, which will help you get the bored baby through the journey faster.

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7. Layered

Hot, cold, or drifting: it's hard to find the right temperature on the train. To avoid a disease, dress the baby comfortably and onion, without forgetting socks and a sheet that will be very comfortable for you when you go to sleep or to cover the direct air conditioning jet coming from under the window.

8. Make a group

If when you were young the last thought was to make friends on the train, now that you have become parents the ease with which you make friends with other passengers will come in very handy, especially if you are in the second hour of travel. Let your children play with other travelers and enjoy a few moments of (well-deserved) rest.

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