8 tips to combat fatigue if your baby is not sleeping

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It often happens that parents show up at work in a zombie version, undone and with dark circles, because the baby hasn't slept all night. It will pass, they say ... Sure, but in the meantime? While waiting, you can use some tricks to stay awake and efficient during the day even if you have slept a few hours. GoodHealth magazine has collected the vademecum with advice on 'cheating sleep'. (Read also Baby Not Sleeping? Tips for Tired Parents)

Wake up immediately, don't wait two more minutes ...

First of all, we must avoid like the plague the temptation to use the "snooze" of the alarm clock (the button that allows you to sleep "two more minutes"): getting up immediately, on the other hand, is easier than, when leaving the house, the brain be more alert. According to an American study, even those who have not slept for 24 hours have quicker reflexes than those who have just got up.

ADVICE: set the alarm at least two hours before the time when the brain must be ready. If you start work at 8, get up at 6.

Lots of fiber for breakfast: fruit and whole grains

As far as breakfast is concerned, the advice to get back on track is to fill up on fiber: in this way, according to an Irish study, fatigue is reduced by 10% and energy levels remain higher.

ADVICE: have breakfast with 40 grams of cereals with a high fiber content.

Before heading into work, treat yourself to a coffee at the café

Before entering the office, it is better to go to the bar for a coffee. In fact, it is not only the caffeine that awakens the brain, but also the average level of noise present inside the room, which is absent at home or at work.

ADVICE: to recreate the same buzz in the bar at home or at the office machine, download the free app of www.coffitivity.com

At lunch, avoid fatty foods, preferably carbohydrates that increase attention

At lunch, we must avoid fatty foods, which cause sleepiness, and prefer carbohydrates, which increase the level of attention.

TIP: Sleep deprivation makes fatty foods more attractive because it activates the same brain regions that respond to reward stimuli. Adjust accordingly.

After lunch, take a walk in the park or in the countryside

After lunch, find some greenery and take a walk - walking in a park reduces brain fatigue more than a short nap.

TIP: Just walk 800 meters, a distance that most people cover in 10 minutes.

Chewing gum makes your reflexes quicker

Also know that chewing gum makes reflexes 10% faster as it increases the blood supply to the brain.

TIP: to increase the effect, choose a peppermint or cinnamon chewing gum, which increase the alert level.

If you can, take a 10 minute nap

Between 14pm and 16pm, if allowed, you can take a nap.

ADVICE: A 10-minute nap is more efficient than a half-hour nap in decreasing fatigue and increasing cognitive performance.

Remember to drink at least three glasses of water, increase the level of attention

Finally, make sure you drink enough: according to a British study, dehydration decreases alertness by 14%.

ADVICE: a glass of water is not enough. According to a study, attention is highest after drinking 775ml of water (three glasses).

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