8 tricks to calm a baby who cries often

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Why is the baby crying?

The main reasons are:

  • he's hungry.

  • the diaper is dirty.

  • is tired.

  • is sick.

  • have colic.

  • there are seven

  • is hot or cold.

  • he feels alone.

  • a tooth is cutting the gum.

Trying to understand the reason for the crying on the part of the parents hides a very important process: it means putting yourself in the child's place and understanding his needs. “This is essential to respond correctly to the baby's signals - writes the German psychologist Stephan Valentin -. Thus he feels that he exists and that mum and dad take into account his needs ”.

“From birth, the child understands quickly enough that his cry calls his mother or father, who come to meet his needs. This experience - says Valentin - is necessary for his survival and will mark him forever. He will begin to have confidence in himself and in his own skills, because he will be able to express himself and act on the external environment. However small he may be ". If you want to know more read the article UNDERSTANDING THE BABY'S PLANT

Here are the 8 tricks to calm a baby who cries often. The suggestions are taken from the book "Before Words - Understanding Your Baby's Language and Promote Development", by Stephan Valentin, ed. Hooray


8 tricks to calm a baby who cries often

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Is your baby crying a lot? Try wrapping him in a blanket, keeping him in the fetal position. The position has a reassuring effect. If you have to go out or run errands instead ...

1 Wrap it in a blanket. Not too hot though

Wrap the baby in a blanket (be careful not to keep it too hot though), preferably in a fetal position. This is a trick that can help calm him down as long as the crying isn't due to frames, thirst, or pain. However, there are children who cannot bear to be swaddled too tightly. In this case, it is better to wrap it in a nursing pillow.

2 Keep it close to you

In the first months of life, babies often suffer from digestive problems. Do not hesitate to hold the baby close to you and let him do some sleep in his arms. But remember to find a comfortable position for yourself too. Read also about the colic of the newborn

"If after lunch you put him in the cradle where he sleeps only half an hour and then starts crying again, it may be that keeping him leaning against you he sleeps even one or two consecutive hours and when he wakes up he will be in a good mood - suggests psychologist Stephan Valentin -. Don't worry, you don't have to do it for a long time: around the sixth month he will be able to take a nap in his bed. "

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3 Do you want to go out? Put it in the pouch

Do you have to run errands or go out? A good trick is to use a headband or baby carrier. The baby cradled by your step will take a nice nap.

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4 Even the father can calm the child. Remember that

Ask trusted people (your husband, grandmother, an aunt ...) to help you calm the baby down. When you are tired it is difficult to be calm and reassuring; the baby will perceive your stress and will be agitated in turn.

5 Are you in trouble? Ask for concrete help from those around you

Don't be afraid to ask for concrete help and say you're in trouble. You will be amazed at the sensitivity of the people around you. "Often - says Valentin - the others do not realize that we are in difficulty, precisely because we keep everything inside".

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6 Find a little rite. It reassures him

Try to establish an effective method for calming your baby and then stick to this method even when the baby won't stop crying. “By experimenting with different means, the little one will perceive your insecurity and will not be able to feel reassured - says Valentin - A single method can become almost a ritual, which will calm him down”.

7 Remove the music box and soft toy from the cot

Check the baby's bed and remove anything that might wake him up, such as the music box and soft toys that babies seem to sink into.

8 Don't lose faith

If you are unsatisfied with your pediatrician's answers, see a nurse or early childhood specialist. Sometimes it takes very little to arrive at a solution.

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