8th of March. Phrases, nursery rhymes, aphorisms for Women's Day

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March 8, phrases for Women's Day

The woman is a wonderful creature and she is the one who gives life. This is a unique and incredible power. After a few days separating from 8 March, International Day dedicated to women, in all respects, we want to offer you a selection of splendid phrases, all by the author, to celebrate the Women's Day.

We have also chosen for you aphorisms and nursery rhymes for Women's Day, to dedicate, as a wish, to a wife or partner, a friend, a mother or your child.

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Phrases for Women's Day

Famous phrases for March 8 and taken from literature

  1. "Being a woman is so fascinating ... It is an adventure that requires such courage, a challenge, which never ends." (Oriana Fallaci)
  2. "From the eyes of women I derive my doctrine: they still shine with the true fire of Prometheus, they are the books, the arts, the academies, which show, contain and nourish the world". (William Shakespeare)
  3. "What God can no longer do, a woman can sometimes do." (Daniel Pennac)
  4. When writing about women, you have to dip your pen in the rainbow and wipe the page with the dust from the butterfly wings. (Denis Diderot)
  5. "Women have served, all these centuries, as mirrors possessing the magical and delightful power of reflecting the figure of a man twice his life size." (Virginia Woolf)

Famous phrases for March 8

  1. "Women who changed the world never needed to show anything but their intelligence." (Rita Levi Montalcini)
  2. "If men were handsome and intelligent, they would be called women." (Audrey Hepburn)
  3. "If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman." (Margaret Thatcher)
  4. «To women who do not try to look like men and who retain sensitivity, grace and femininity even on the bridge. Best wishes". (Wild Lucarelli)
  5. "The world would be imperfect without the presence of the woman." (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  6. “We women represent 50% of the population and we are the mothers of the other 50%. Dear men, look around: there are women everywhere. Do you really need March 8 to remind you that women exist? " (Lucina Di Meco)
  7. «Mimose for you. They are born in the cold season. They bloom at the first warmth of the sun. They resist storms and cold. A sprig of soft and delicate flowers in honor of your feast, o woman ». (Saverio Ferrara)
  8. "It is not the contact with the woman that corrupts the man, it is rather the man, often too impure to touch her". (Gandhi)
  9. "Give women adequate opportunities and they will be capable of anything." (Oscar Wilde)
  10. «Without women's smiles, the world would be eternally dark…». (Fabrizio Caramagna)
8th of March. Phrases, nursery rhymes, aphorisms for Women's Day

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Nursery rhymes for Women's Day

Listen to the podcast with the nursery rhyme of the woman and mimosa by Mimmo Mòllica

1. "March 8" (Jolanda Restano)

Women, women, women
mothers, daughters or grandmothers
they could, zie o cugine:
all very cute!

Sisters, friends, sisters-in-law
super impregnate,
active and fun
beautiful and comely!

Teachers, mothers or wives
sparkling and witty
affable and joyful:
I offer you the mimosas!

With pants or skirts
give, give, give!

3. "Like a queen" (Rabindranath Tagore)

Without speaking
you arrived
as a
true queen,
you put your feet down
inside the soul.

2. "March 8" (Marzia Cabano)

The mother, the aunt, the grandmothers
they are above all women
and not just because they wear skirts

They are strong, combative people,
they never pose as divas,
but they do a lot even if a little shy.

Sometimes they stand aside
but they are always careful
to those who arrive and those who leave:
they know how to do it,
always being "vigilant"
is their art,
that only the woman has!

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Aphorisms for Women's Day

  1.  "Women are a vine on which everything revolves." (Lev Tolstoy)
  2. «They do things, women, at times, that have to remain dry. You could spend a lifetime trying: but you wouldn't be able to have that lightness that they have, sometimes. They are light inside. Inside". (Alexander of the city)
  3. "A woman's intuition is much closer to truth than a man's certainty." (Rudyard Kipling)
  4. "You are not born a woman: you become". (Simone de Beauvoir)
  5. "Women: You never see them sitting on a bench with a 'Freshly Painted' notice. They have eyes everywhere ». (James Joyce)
  6. "If God hadn't made the woman, He wouldn't have made the flower." (Oscar Wilde)
  7. "A woman understands children better than a man, even though a man is more childish than a woman." (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  8. "Women who try to be equal to men lack ambition." (Marilyn Monroe)
  9. "Well-behaved women rarely leave a mark on history." (Eleanor Roosvelt)
  10. “The woman has been blocked for centuries. When she has access to culture she is like a hungry one. And food is much more useful to those who are hungry than to those who are already saturated ». (Rita Levi Montalcini)

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Poems for women's day

1. "Woman" (Giuseppe Ungaretti)

You are the woman who passes by
like a leaf.
And leave it to the trees
an autumn fire.

2. "To all women" (Alda Merini)

Fragile, opulent woman, matrix of heaven
you are a speck of guilt
even in the eyes of God
despite your holy wars
for emancipation.
They split your beauty
and remains a skeleton of love
but who still cries out for revenge
and only you can
still crying,
then you turn around and see your children again,
then you turn around and you still can't say
and be silent in amazement
and then you become as big as the earth
and raise your love song.

3. "Hymn to woman" (Alda Merini)

immaculate luck
for you all creatures
of the kingdom
they opened up
and you became the queen
of our shadows
for you men
countless flights
created the hive of the
for you woman has arisen
the murmur of water
only grace
and tremble for yours
that are in your hands
and you have a dream
for every summer
a child for every cry
a suspicion of love
for each hair
now you are a woman
all a forgiveness
and as it lives there
divine thought
it will bloom in secret
by your grace.

4. "The look of women" (Roberto Benigni)

Poetry helps us to accomplish
an experience
unrepeatable of freedom,
it's fiction and rhythm,

but it helps us to undertake
a great trip
looking for a look.

That look that
only women own

and that introduces us
in the most secret place in the world.

5. "Spring" (Pablo Neruda)

A mountain of yellow light,
a flowery tower
popped up on the street and all
filled with perfume.
It was a mimosa.

6. "Smile woman" (Alda Merini)

Smile woman
always smile at life
even if she doesn't smile at you.
Smile at the finished loves
smile at your pains
smile anyway.
Your smile will be
light for your path
lighthouse for lost sailors.
Your smile will be
a kiss from mom,
a beat of wings,
a ray of sunshine for everyone.

7. "You are not your age" (Ernest Hemingway)

You are not your years
nor the size you wear,
you are not your burden
or the color of your hair.
You are not your name,
or the dimples of your cheeks.

You are all the books you have read
and all the words you say,
you are your sleepy voice in the morning
and the smiles you try to hide,
you are the sweetness of your laugh
and every tear shed,
you're the songs screamed so loud
when you knew you were all alone.

You are also the places you've been
and the only one you really call home,
you are everything you believe in
and the people you love,
you are the photographs in your room
and the future you paint.

You are made of so much beauty,
but perhaps all this escapes you
since you decided
to be everything you are not.

Funny March 8 phrases

  • If men were handsome and intelligent, they would be called women. Audrey Hepburn
  • Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, as it mainly consists of dealing with men. Joseph conrad
  • We leave beautiful women to unimaginative men. Marcel Proust

How to congratulate a woman on March 8th

Here are some ideas for congratulating on March 8:

  • write a nice or meaningful sentence and have it found in the morning, upon awakening;
  • let the children draw and color a card, with a famous phrase or aphorism;
  • send, in social time, a meme, a gif or a short video in which we can make the recipient smile during the day at work.

What to give

On the occasion of Women's Day it is not necessary to give expensive gifts. Never as on this day, just the thought is enough: a simple bouquet of flowers, a card with a poem, a card written and drawn by the children, or a dinner prepared at home with their favorite recipes.

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