A high-protein diet helps you get pregnant

Proper nutrition can also help a woman looking for a baby to get pregnant. And a diet rich in proteins plays a fundamental role, according to a recent Del Paesena research which highlighted the link between the table and fertility.


A diet with many amino acids, building blocks of proteins, activates the estrogen receptor in the liver with a positive impact on the reproductive capacity of the female genital system.


To understand more, we heard from Professor Adriana Maggi, from the Department of Pharmacological Sciences of the State University of our city, who led the team responsible for a recent study on fertility published in the journal Cell Metabolism.


Tell us more about how you came to this discovery We were able to verify, working on an animal model, that in the face of a low-protein diet, the production of the IGF-1 hormone decreased to levels such as not to allow the uterus to prepare correctly for implantation of the egg. fertilized. In essence, the uterus became less fertile. Conversely, when fed with several proteins, the estrogen receptor was activated in the liver, so that the liver produced IGF-1 in ideal quantities for the purpose of maturation of the uterus suitable for implantation, and the mice returned to being fertile. .


What foods do you recommend eating to a woman trying to get pregnant? All those rich in proteins, both animal and vegetable. Therefore excellent meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, but also legumes.


So it's not a question of calories, but of choosing your nutrients? Absolutely yes. High-calorie meals, based on fats and carbohydrates, are not useful for the purpose of increasing fertility. What makes the difference are the proteins.


This study also provides us with another important indication, showing us that the estrogen receptor in the liver would act as a sensor of energy metabolism, ensuring pregnancy only in subjects with adequate nutrition. A kind of self-selection carried out by the same machine as the human body.


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