A little brother (or a little sister) is coming, how to behave?

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The most important thing is show affection for the child as often as possible. In the beginning he needs these confirmations, like air to breathe. Browse through the photo album of when he was a little boy and tell him about when he himself was a baby. He will have many questions to ask you: "What did I eat? Did I cry so much? Did you carry me in your arms? With each story he will acquire the certainty of having been loved and cared for just like his little brother or sister". It can also happen that he wants to become a baby again or that he wants a diaper. Allow him this "regress" but limit it to a "game" to play briefly before going to bed. Try to approach it in a playful way: these phases come, but they go away almost immediately.

Mothers can try to involve the eldest child in the care of the newborn: getting help with bathing, putting on a diaper, lotion or looking for a pacifier. Two-year-olds can do small tasks. When breastfeeding you should find something to distract him. With the help of an audio cassette or a children's film suitable for your child's age, breastfeeding moments flow without stress for everyone. When the little one is okay, give the older one some time so they feel just as important and know they are loved as before.

In the early days following the arrival of the new born, fathers play a particularly important role. When the mother is breastfeeding or caring for the baby, they can fill the void of attention towards the firstborn by chatting with him and carrying out rituals, such as going to bed.

It would also be important that the firstborn are not subjected to too many novelties: if the arrival of the little brother / sister is added to the beginning of kindergarten, problems may arise. The child could in fact have the feeling of being abandoned in kindergarten to leave more time and more space for the new born.

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"Look, your little sister brought you a bright red bike!"

  • Some parents have found it helpful to give their first child - boy or girl - a doll during pregnancy. Your child will treat the doll, in fact, like a newborn: it will be necessary to change his diaper, wash him, feed him, dress him and play mother's duties.

  • Newborns make a great impression when they bring a small gift to their older brother or sister from the clinic on their way home, as a good omen for a happy family life. To questions such as: "And how did you wrap the gift in your stomach?", Children aged three and over must be answered with a credible and already thought-out story.

  • It would be nice for your eldest son if friends and relatives who come to visit the newcomer were aware of the situation and behaved accordingly with the eldest son, for example greeting him first, congratulating him on the little brother or sister and bringing a little gift to him too. It would be good for him to introduce the newcomer. You will see that in the emotional confusion that dwells in your eldest son there is also a lot of pride for the little brother or the little sister.

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