A pill: 8 commonplaces to dispel

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Does the pill make you fat? Not suitable for those who are very young? Can it worsen the mood? Does it take away the sexual deso?

They are all false myths related to the contraceptive pill and debunked by Sic, the Del Paesena company of contraception.

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From yesterday, June 12, and until June 14, the company holds its XNUMXth National Congress in our city. During these three days we talked and will talk about contraception, sexuality and women's health. Let's see eight myths that have debunked.

1 - The pill makes you fat (FALSE)

There are now various types of oral contraceptives. The right one should be chosen, to be agreed with your gynecologist, to avoid water retention and unwanted fat accumulation.

2 - It is not suitable for very young girls (FALSE)

On the contrary, it is particularly suitable for adolescents. The pill inhibits the activity of the ovaries and reduces their production of androgens. Limiting hair loss, acne and unwanted fuzz.

3 - Can change mood (FALSE)

Some recent studies have shown that oral contraceptives can be effective in treating severe PMS (which includes anxiety, short temper and depression).

4 - With the irregular cycle I cannot take the small one (FALSE)

In reality it is the opposite: one of the best known effects is precisely that of regularizing the menstrual rhythm.

5 - The pill takes away the sexual desire (FALSE)

On the contrary, a careful choice can favor eroticism. Furthermore, a free sexuality without the fear of unwanted pregnancies can be experienced in a more fulfilling way.

6 - In the long run it can make you less fertile (FALSE)

Just stop taking it and the cycle will return to having the characteristics of when it was not taken. The pill does not cause an increase in spontaneous abortions.

7 - Pill-induced amenorrhea is dangerous (FALSE)

Although many women don't like amenorrhea, it has been shown to result in a benefit in terms of iron deficiency anemia and less surgery. It is also an indicated therapy in case of endometriosis.

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8 - Not good in pre-menopause (FALSE)

In the absence of risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, etc., the pill can be used after the age of 40.


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