A touching letter from a mother of a girl with Down syndrome to her gynecologist

It took a little over a year to make this decision. But she took it. And she wrote a touching letter to her gynecologist.

Courtney Baker has been the mother of a girl with Down syndrome for 15 months. Her name is Emersyn, Emmy, and she is a special child. When, during her pregnancy, she discovered the syndrome of the little girl she was carrying in her womb, the gynecologist who was treating her advised her to have an abortion.

Hence, the letter. Aimed at all parents who find themselves faced with his own decision.

«I came to you - writes the woman in the letter published on the blog Parkermyles.com, addressed to parents with children with Down syndrome - in the most difficult period of my life. I was terrified, anxious, in total despair. I still didn't know the truth about my little girl, so I was trying to find out from you. Instead of help and encouragement, you advised me to have an abortion. I told you her name, and you asked me once again if we understood how much the quality of our life would go down with a daughter with Down syndrome. "

From then on, Courtney and her partner began to fear subsequent appointments with the doctor. «The most difficult period of my life - writes the woman - was made almost unlivable because you never told me the truth. My little girl was perfect. '

“Emersyn has not only added quality to our lives, it has touched the hearts of thousands of people. She has given us a purpose and a joy that is impossible to express. She has given us the biggest smiles, the sweetest laughs and kisses we've ever known. She opened our eyes to true beauty and pure love ».

"Your baby is perfect," Courtney concludes.


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