A tyrant son? Here's how to keep him from becoming a petty dictator

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In the time of two generations the traditional family structure has changed much. While earlier families were large, now they are small: many couples have one or at most two children.

This means that much more care and attention is given to children, in order to help them with their homework, to carry them or to pick them up from school or extracurricular activities, etc.

However, it often happens that the attentions are excessive and that this contributes to the formation of a tyrannical, arrogant and selfish character. The psychologist Mercè Corbella tried to explain exactly in an article in the Spanish magazine Serpadres.es what the "emperor syndrome" is, which so many children and young people manifest nowadays.

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What are the "child tyrants"?

For the psychologist, when we speak in colloquial language of "child tyrants" or with the "emperor syndrome", we are referring to children (and young people) who have little tolerance for frustration, who want to get things without waitingthat I am selfish and that they have little empathy (or they don't have any at all). This last statement means that they have serious difficulties in putting themselves in the place of other people and perceiving their emotions and their problems.

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Teenagers with "emperor syndrome"

In the case of adolescents, the "tyrannical" behavior can be translated into heated confrontations with parents and teachers of a verbal and even physical type. These attitudes, if caused by adolescent development, need not be a sign of concern. But if they become repetitive behaviors and kids don't take responsibility for what they do and they even affect other people in a negative way, so as parents we need to understand if we are dealing with "tyrants".

According to Mercé Corbella, the rapid transformation of our company has entailed the loss of authoritarianism which previously existed in families (the so-called "patriarchal model"). This means that children and young people currently behave more aggressively and have less respect for social norms.

This growing reality is of great concern to parents, who are increasingly turning to specialists for help. Still, all mothers and fathers should keep in mind that although nowadays we relate to our children in a more permissive way, when necessary we need to use authority to establish the limits of negative behavior.

Educating in values ​​is FUNDAMENTAL

It is still important, for the proper growth of our children, educate them in values since they are little, teaching them respect for others and for authority, friendship, solidarity, civil coexistence.



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