Abdominal swelling in pregnancy: the causes and remedies

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La pregnancy it is an experience only e wonderful which can sometimes present drawbacks more embarassing that painful, but still affect the "vita" of the future mum. An example are i abdominal swelling related to the creation of gas intestinal.

Before the end of the third quarter, in fact, due to the progesterone which holds i liquid, slow down functions intestinal and relaxes the "Fabrics of the stretch gastrointestinal, and of a high standard of estrogen which dilates theuterus, they can occur often episodes di flatulence is strong nausea.

The woman feels that the belly è brim e swells and, in fact, it is precisely theequilibrium System gastrointestinal to be altered from this new condition hormonal. THE'air in belly, due to the presence of gas, could be accompanied from the so-called "times di belly di start pregnancy ": a sensation unpleasant defined meteorism in pregnancy which, in the worst case, is accompanied by colic (precisely, meteorism colic due to spasms o constipation).

In time, as the pregnancy advances, theuterus exercises a pressure always greater on stomach and onintestine: an action that Slows la digestion which in turn involves theincrease area of production di gas, with the consequents abdominal swelling, and the sensation of discomfort.

Along with these changes completely natural training di gas it can also be caused by factors external such as asupply incorrect or the eat too quickly. When eating or drinking (especially soft drinks carbonated), it's easy "ingest" air and then create gas; the progressive increase di weight then favors the slowdown of the route digestive of the foods. Under such “excessive” conditions thebody responds with manifestations of flatulence ed belching.

However, there are some remedies dictated by common sense and by 'experience which represent a valid help natural for reduce notably the production of the gas intestinal and abdominal swelling. To avoid to eat those foods that facilitate the training di air (prohibition a onions, cabbage, beans, foods Fried, sauces) and consume with slowness Easter light and balanced helps the body find a new one equilibrium without the production of pouches of gas in belly.

Some herbal teas, the seeds of fennel mallow and ginger consumed daily, for example, promote the digestion but you must always use them without exaggerate and listening to the reactions of their body. Anything alcohol, sausages, foods too processed e refined: better cereals integral, bread well cooked and produced fresh and / or with a few grassi.

You have to try to keep one bacterial flora intestinal efficient through food Probiotics as it is yogurt, to consume fruit e vegetables each day and delete exciting drinks and rich in slag.

Accompany these changes to sports activities suitable for belly that grows is then excellent solution against i abdominal swelling: walk, to swim and, if the condition permits, do too esercizi di gentle exercise (In water is preferable) should accompany not just women in dessert expectation but anyone who wants to keep themselves in crafts.

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