Acupuncture in pregnancy: benefits and indications

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Acupuncture in pregnancy

If performed by an experienced and competent practitioner, acupuncture is a safe practice even during the 9 months. The benefits ofacupuncture in pregnancy are different, the best known concern the nausea and breech presentation of the child. Let's see when it can be done, what are the risks and how it works.

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Acupuncture for nausea in pregnancy

You can turn to acupuncture in case of annoying nausea and difficult to reconcile with a normal life: the acupuncturist will use three points (always peripheral and not very invasive, given the delicate situation), one of which is symptomatic, inside the wrist (the same on which the bracelets for sale in pharmacies for seasickness are based), and two to be associated with the first which, however, can change.

The improvement is not immediate, but if the therapy works, after the session, towards the evening of the same day, the intensity of the nausea is reduced and the ability to control increases. We continue with other sessions to be established according to the intensity with which the nausea recurs.

For lumbosciatica

Acupuncture can also offer benefits for disorders that may arise later in pregnancy due to the increased size of the fetus, such as back to pieces, excessive weight on the spine, circulatory problems, we tend to intervene only from the 7 / 8th month onwards, always in peripheral points.

To make the breech baby spin

In this case the acupuncturist does not act on the points by threading the needles, but by heating them (moxa). The moxa on point 67 of the bladder meridian (on the little finger of the foot in the outer corner near the nail) is an attempt to make the baby who presents breech turn around, preferably between the 34th and 36th week. Painless, and without side effects.

The chances of success are greater the further away the birth is, and usually no more than 3 attempts are made, every other day, which must be followed by an ultrasound assessment. Some acupuncturists provide the patient with the material and instruct him on how to do it himself at home.

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Acupuncture during labor

Acupuncture can also be used as an anesthetic technique in the operating room and is particularly suitable in labor, since it can remove painful sensitivity while leaving muscle activity intact. It can only be requested in hospitals where acupuncturists anesthetists operate.

Things to know

  • The acupuncturist, by law, must have a medical degree: "A doctor, able from time to time to direct the patient to any diagnostic tests and to the most useful and adequate therapy, be it traditional or oriental", explains Marco Maiola, acupuncturist and teacher at the So Wen Study Center of ours city. Contact the Società Del Paesena acupuncturists) which collects the list of acupuncturists in the country.
  • Acupuncture is personal therapy, tailor-made for you and your specific problem, at that particular moment in your life: for this reason the first visit will last about an hour and a half and the methods of treatment and results may vary from woman to woman.
  • There are no contraindications except the rare cases of acupuncture pain, the symptoms (lowering of blood pressure, sweating, fainting) appear immediately and just remove the needles to make them disappear

Advice from dr. Marco Maiola, acupuncturist and teacher at the So Wen Study Center in our city

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