Afternoon rest: how to get babies to sleep more

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How to lengthen your baby's daytime naps

Many new mothers, who live in close contact with the newborn in its first weeks of life, are told to rest when the little one rests. Very true, it is a pity, however, that babies of a few months sleep very little, when nothing. But there is a way to stretch the daytime naps of the newborn?

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  • The sleep of the newborn
  • Recognize the moment of sleep
  • A quiet place to sleep
  • Establish a daytime sleep routine
  • In your arms, in bed with him or alone?
  • What if he wakes up?

The sleep of the newborn

As many parents know (but even non-parents will be aware of this harsh reality!) Babies sleep little, but above all they do it intermittently. If in the first few days they are likely to sleep for a long time, they slowly struggle to find a right one sleep-wake rhythm, often waking up even after a few minutes of falling asleep. In fact, parents can do a lot for help children sleep, even if it's not a rule, it's worth a try. 

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Recognize the moment of sleep

The first rule recommended by all experts is to clearly separate the bedtime from the other moments: it is not important where the child sleeps - in his own room, in a side bed, with mum and dad, but it is important that that place is dedicated to sonno: no games, no feedings, you sleep in bed. Children, including babies, are a lot habitual. They love knowing how to recognize situations and arrive prepared, so it is important that they know that bed (or whatever it is) means sleep, at night as well as during the day. 

A quiet place to sleep

Many parents ignore the importance of the moment of sleep. They are surprised if, for example, they try to make the baby sleep with the lights on, noises in the house, maybe the TV on or the cell phone in hand. Even during the day it is important that the little one is prepared for a nap, so that he can relax and let himself go, thus entering a Deep sleep. Just before it's time to put it down, then, start drawing the curtains a little, turn off the electronic devices, speak in a low tone of voice and maybe put on a lullaby.

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Establish a daytime sleep routine

Precisely because they are habitual, the little ones are at ease with routines, in every area. For sleep it is even more important because, feeling reassured by gestures that they recognize well, they let themselves go to sleep with more confidence. It doesn't have to be the same routine as in the evening, but you can build it according to your habits, even if you go by trial and error: you rarely guess right at the first try!

For example, if bedtime is immediately after breastfeeding of "lunch", then keep the baby awake for a few minutes, talking to him. Change the diaper and take advantage of it for a nice relaxing massage, then set the room where he will sleep perhaps singing a lullaby, and explaining to him that he is going to sleep and have good dreams. Even explaining what you are doing - now I pull the curtain, now let's say hello to the stuffed animal - will help him build a routine. 

In your arms, in bed with him or alone?

How to put a baby to sleep why he sleeps for a long time depends a lot on the baby: some fall asleep by themselves, so you can leave them in the bed, say hello and leave, others need the presence of mum (or dad) to let them go to sleep. The important thing is, as they say, to bring home the result: if it comes to being with him for a while, do it, slowly reducing the time until it is no longer needed. If, on the other hand, you feel like taking a nap with him, do it! Maybe the next day you will have to stay with him a little longer, but remember: they have been weeks that seem eternal, but you will find that they pass quickly. 

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What if he wakes up?

Always choose the same place for the sleep, make it calm, prepare the baby with the routine they take time: it is not certain that the child will immediately you get used to sleeping more. In any case, if he suddenly wakes up after ten minutes, the first thing to do is not to take him! Even if he cries, go to him, console him, but keep silence, calm, in short, make him understand that he can still sleep. Many make the mistake of saying "here, you see, he sleeps at most ten minutes", but give him the chance to go back to sleep, sometimes it takes very little. 

Making a newborn sleep longer in the afternoon can take some effort but it is not impossible: babies of a few weeks need to sleep for a long time and, even if it seems a paradox, the more they sleep, the more they will be able to relax and give in. to sleep.

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