All the benefits of having an older brother

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According to tradition and popular beliefs a successful older brother harms the younger brother, because it relegates him to a role of inferiority and prevents him from taking flight.

A belief that is now being debunked by research, given that a study conducted and published in 2022 by the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Essex in England states exactly the opposite.

If an older sibling is doing well in school it can have a knowledge transmission effect on the younger sibling and help him emerge. Provided, of course, he is directed by his parents to support him and not to make him feel eternally second. The research conducted by Cheti Nicoletti and Birgitta Rabe, professors at the universities of York and Essex, respectively, gives scientific characteristics and indications on how to channel the energies of the oldest in favor of the second child.


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Like older siblings they can be a positive influence

  • adults can teach the little ones or help them with their homework
  • they can be a role model to follow and imitate
  • they can provide school rules and secrets
  • they teach to be more understanding and open

By comparing the data provided by the British government over the course of five years and relating them to tests of academic achievement, the two scholars realized that older siblings can transfer skills to minors making them more efficient and prepared. But how does this dissemination of knowledge work?

First of all, the older ones can teach the little ones or help them with their homework.

Then they can become a model to follow and imitate.

Finally, I am able to provide rules and secrets about the school that will prove to be fundamental.

Three simple and effective practices, which guarantee, data in hand, a margin of improvement of the votes of around 4% on average, not very high therefore, but constant and which in economic terms is equivalent to an annual investment of 670 pounds more by government to enhance school education.

According to the survey, then, this system of "support" works very well especially in the lower classes, since help between siblings becomes essential when parents do not have the skills or the time to help their children. So much so that, given the multiplying effect that a good brother has on the rest of his family, the researchers urge the British government to invest in education especially in areas where the distress is greatest.

More understanding and open guys

The benefits of having an older sibling, however, are not limited to this, when you take into account other research published in the Journal of Research on Adolescence. Brigham Young University experts confirmed that the sibling relationships help teens be more understanding and open. Because having a brother with whom to discuss and share experiences and toys allows us to understand that there are other points of view besides our own and that we need to understand others, help them and respect them.

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