All the VIP mothers of 2022


All the VIP mothers of 2022

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What will come will be remembered as the year of the baby boom: in fact, there are many flying storks that will leave many babies in the arms of the stars: from Jennifer ...

If 2022 was the year of Kate Middleton's pregnancy, which in terms of popularity overshadowed the puerperium of all other VIP mothers (including those of Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, and even of Belén Rodriguez), the coming year will be full of flying storks. Because, according to the belly count, 2022 will be - at least among the stars crowding the glossy covers - the year of the baby boom. In fact, at least two dozen stars are waiting, from Olivia Wilde to Kendra Wilkinson, from Gwen Stefani to Manuela Arcuri, from Drew Barrymore to Tamara Ecclestone, from Kate Winslet to Megan Fox. And all of them, more beautiful than ever, are enjoying their moment of splendor.

But here, one by one, who are the future VIP mothers (and fathers) of 2022. (READ ALSO: THE RANKING OF THE 10 MOST ELEGANT VIP BABIES)


Melissa Satta - The 27-year-old ex-velina officially announced on social networks and on her blog ( that she is pregnant, explaining together with her partner Kevin Prince Boateng that “soon the Satteng family will have another precious member. Since it is an important and very personal novelty, we would have liked to keep this precious secret of ours for a few more days but given that lately there was a lot of gossip about it, in the end we preferred to give our personal announcement. Fortunately, I'm fine and I'm very happy ". (Read also: Melissa Satta pregnant!)


Jennifer Aniston - Although there has never been official confirmation, according to American magazines (which cite the actress's friends as sources), the 44-year-old Hollywood star is happily pregnant after years of waiting. And after all the efforts, she and her partner (and her next husband, when the couple will also be able to realize the dream of getting married) Justin Theroux have done things in a big way: there would even be twins on the way, a common fact for mothers. "anta" who undergo treatment against infertility. The enthusiastic couple would have already adapted the Bel Air family villa by creating a nursery to accommodate the two babies. (Read also: Jennifer Aniston expecting twins)


Megan Fox – It may have been her lead role in the first two Transformers films, but the 27-year-old actress (who in 2008 and 2009 was named “Sexiest Woman Alive”) has transformed again… into an expectant mother. Less than a year after the birth of their first child (September 2022), she and husband Brian Austin Green (the David Silver of Beverly Hills 90210) announced they are expecting a second.


Francesca Del Taglia - The 24-year-old ex suitor of Men and Women and her boyfriend Eugenio Colombo are expecting a baby, and have confirmed the pregnancy through social networks: "Drum roll ... I inform you that Eugenio and Francesca are expecting a girl!". The former tronista and his partner have already chosen the name to give to their first child, but they have decided not to say it until the moment of delivery. On the other hand, they do not skimp on the photos of the baby bump to the fans, posting them on Facebook.


Megan Gale – The Australian model, unforgettable Mother Nature by Ciao Darwin and at the time testimonial of the Omnitel commercials, she is expecting a child from her partner, the Australian football star Shaun Hampson, and will become a mother for the first time next year: the announcement was made by herself on his Instagram profile. For some years now Megan, who is 38, has returned to live in Australia, where she works as a model, stylist and entrepreneur and has created a line of costumes that is also very popular with stars.


Elsa Pataky - The 37-year-old Spanish actress, interpreter of several successful films including Manual of Love 2 and Fast & Furious and wife of Chris Hemsworth (the blond and very well-trained actor known for impersonating Thor), is expecting the second child: the couple already has a daughter, India, born in 2022.


Olivia Wilde - The actress, 29, achieved success thanks to the series Doctor House, and her partner Jason Sudeikis, who met on the set of Saturday Night Live in 2022, announced the pregnancy on Twitter, thanking the fans for the support. “WOW. You guys are great. Thank you all, ”wrote Olivia on the social network. She jokingly adding a postscript: "Children eat mostly sauce, right?"


Manuela Arcuri - The 36-year-old actress from Anagni she is in the fifth month of pregnancy, and together with her partner Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco (whom she will marry after giving birth) she told the weekly Chi that she discovered she was pregnant “with a test taken in the pharmacy. My partner was at work and in the evening, when he returned, I made him a romantic dinner and gave him the good news. I tell the Del Paeseni men that I'm having a baby, it's not like I'm getting fat. I am also a woman, it is normal for me to dream of becoming a mother, even if this is a lesser known aspect of me. Anyway, in a year, I will go back to being the Manuela I was before, let's give them this hope! ”.


Kate Winslet - Everyone remembers his overwhelming passion with Leonardo Di Caprio in the hold of the Titanic ... but the "culprit" is not him. 38-year-old Kate Winslet (former mother of Mia, 12, and Joe, 9) is in fact pregnant again, but the baby's father is her new partner, Ned Rocknroll. According to the couple's friends, “Kate and Ned are delighted” with the pregnancy.


Gwen Stefani - The 43-year-old No Doubt singer and husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their third child after Kingston, 7, and Zuma, 5. The couple hasn't officially commented on the news yet, but a friend said they are both "excited" about the pregnancy.


Heidi Klum - The 40-year-old former supermodel is pregnant for the fifth time. After Leni, born in 2004 from the relationship with Flavio Briatore, and the three children of the singer Seal (Henry, 2005, Johan, 2006, and Lou, 2009), this time the father is the current partner of the beautiful model, her ex bodyguard Martin Kristen. Which, evidently, must have made her change her mind about her pregnancy since after the birth of her fourth child, Klum said she didn't want any more: “The shop is closed. I got tattoos for my kids. I just got a star tattoo for my little Lou. I was thinking of putting a stop sign after the star ”.


Drew Barrymore - Acting in the romantic comedy Familymoon (due out in 2022) must have inspired her, and so the 38-year-old actress, married to Will Kopelman since 2022, is pregnant again. Her second child (her first, Olive, was born in September 2022) was a great deso of the former child prodigy: during a TV show, a few weeks ago, she had in fact explained that she wanted "strongly" another child .


Kendra wilkinson - The 28-year-old former Playboy bunny and her husband, American football star Hank Baskett, former parents of Hank Baskett IV (3), are expecting another child. The couple has yet to officially comment on the news, but Kendra is said to be 8 weeks pregnant.


Edelfa Chiara Masciotta - The 29-year-old ex Miss Del Paese 2005, after the end of the relationship with the director Roberto Cenci, father of her first son Andrea, born in 2022, is in love again. And, above all, you announced on TV that you are pregnant: the new partner and father of the unborn child is the player of Siena Alessandro Rosina.


Zara Phillips - Prince William's 32-year-old cousin must have been inspired by Kate Middleton's pregnancy ... so much so that she is now pregnant too. The unborn child will be the first child of Zara and her husband Mike Tindall, who got married in July 2022. The English royal court, with the new baby, is therefore enriched with babies, even if the celebrations for the new birth will certainly not be at all. height of the general mobilization had for George.


Claudia Galanti - The 32-year-old Paraguayan model and showgirl is expecting her third child from her husband, millionaire Arnaud Mimran. She, already the mother of a boy and a girl, this time would have liked the blue ribbon… and instead she will be a girl again. The males, she explained to the weekly Oggi, “I like them more: they hug you, they kiss you, they tell you I love you. My little girl is less expansive, although she conquers me as she grows up. I will have to have the fourth child to have the second boy ".


Thandie Newton - The 41-year-old actress, known for her roles in ER, Mission: Impossible II, The Chronicles of Riddick, Crash and The Pursuit of Happyness, expects the third child (after Ripley, 12, and Nico, 8) from her husband, the director Ol Parker. The manager of the actress explained that she "could not be happier" even if still "you can hardly see that she has a belly".


Anna Billò - The 37-year-old journalist of Sky Sport is expecting the second child of the former football player and former Milan coach Leonardo. The two, former parents of Thiago, born on November 13, 2022, were the protagonists in March of a very romantic marriage proposal on live TV by the Brazilian coach, and they got married in September in our city.


Yvette Prieto - The name of this new mother is probably little known, but that of her husband, and future father, is universally known: she is the 50-year-old former American basketball star Michael Jordan, who married his second wife, 16 years younger, in April. .


Caroline Lundqvist - She's not famous either, and what's more, she's someone else's wife. But she will still be the mother of the son of one of the Hollywood stars: the actor Owen Wilson has in fact publicly announced that his lover is pregnant and will give him a baby (which if for her is the first, for him is the second). next year.


Tamara Ecclestone - Fresh from marriage to Jay Rutland, the 29emnne heiress announced that she is expecting her first child: “I feel so lucky. I never imagined it could happen that fast, ”she told Hello! Magazine. "This is the best year ever and I am really excited for the next phase of our life as a three." And immediately after that she began to do the "mother's rehearsals" with her granddaughter Lavinia, daughter of her sister Petra.


Rachel zoe - The 42-year-old fashion designer of the Hollywood stars is expecting her second child (after Skylar, 2) with her husband Rodger Berman. Rachel Zoe herself announced her pregnancy on her blog: “Before diving into the case of the fashion season, Rodger and Skylar want to pause for a moment to officially confirm that we are expecting another child. We are excited for Skyler, who will have a little brother, and for ourselves that we are more in love than ever ”.


Ramirez dishes - The 34-year-old Dominican actress is known for playing the role of the mutant Callisto in X-Men and that of "poisoner" Maya Herrera in the TV series Heroes. And some superpower will certainly serve her, because from her husband, director Bev Land, she is expecting not one but two children: a pair of twins that no one expected. So much so that, the actress told People, during her ultrasound she and her husband were literally shocked by the news. Even though the grandmother and her sister also had twin births, so "somehow it was to be expected".


Kerry Washington - The 36-year-old actress, the female lead in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, and star of the TV series Scandal (in which she plays former White House communications director Olivia Pope) is expecting a child. But this, despite the title of the serial, is certainly not a scandal: the child's father is her husband, the 32-year-old football player Nnamdi Asomugha, married at the end of June in great secrecy.


Anne Hathaway - The 31-year-old actress, winner of the 2022 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Fantine in Les Misérable, may be pregnant with her husband, Adam Shulman. The news was given by Anne's brother, who said during a play in Brooklyn that "my sister got married last year and now she is about to become a mother", but she was immediately denied by her entourage. Hathaway. For the American media, however, the denial is only an attempt to mislead ...


Marica Pellegrinelli - Pregnant (for the second time, after the birth of Raffaela Maria) she could also be the 25-year-old companion of Eros Ramazzotti: the gossip was launched by the weekly Oggi, which pointed out a strange swelling of the usually very flat tummy. But for now the couple has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.


Alba parietti - And the 52-year-old Alba Parietti could be waiting, at least according to what she claims between the serious and the facetious. Who posted a cryptic phrase on her Facebook profile: “Stomach pain, nausea and dizziness. Will it be flu?!?! But I am not going to give a little brother to Francy (her son now 32, born from the relationship with Franco Oppini, ed)?!?! ". Whether this is true or whether it is irony towards the many stars and starlets who announce their pregnancy on social networks, is not known for now.


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