American student sells fake pregnancy tests to pay for her studies

A pregnant woman from Jacksonville, Florida sold some positive pregnancy tests and its urine (which clearly noted the actual pregnancy) on the American Craigslist ad portal to pay for her college studies.

It is in a now-removed post on the Craigslist page that the girl wrote to offer users "positive pregnancy tests or positive urine". She also said: "I am in my third month of pregnancy and I am providing a product that the consumer can buy when he wants. I don't care what you can do, but if you need them, I will sell them to you."

According to reports Mashable, the girl was interviewed anonymously and said she found online advice to use this way to support the course of study she attends: she earns $ 200 a day and tests cost $ 25-30 each. .

This is not the first time that there is this type of market on Craigslist. Mashable writes that this business has been in existence since at least 2022 and that it continues because there is a legislative vacuum in the United States that it is not a crime to sell pregnancy tests or your own urine. Source: Mashable



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