Artificial milk, babies at risk of too many calories

Infants fed with formula milk are likely to take every day more calories than the FAO and WHO recommendations.

This is the conclusion reached by a study conducted by Helmholtz Zentrum München (Germany) in collaboration with INRAN (National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition), within the European Cascade project and published in the "International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition" (2009). The consumer agency reports this Consumer help.

The research analyzed 22 milky infant formulas (vaccine, hypoallergenic and soy products, liquid and powdered products) along with the measuring cup and indicated gram capacity.

For 90% of the products examined there is a risk that too much milk will be consumed. Because? There are two reasons: the first is that the quantities of product indicated on the label for the different ages are higher than the recommendations, up to 17% more than the energy needs for 4-month-old babies; the second is that the measuring cup has a greater capacity than that declared (about 0,5 g / measuring cup) and therefore "with the increase in the number of measuring cups, the baby in the 4th month receives a daily caloric surplus of about 7% compared to to the needs ".

The results emerged from the measurements made during the research, originally started with other goals.

Raffaela Piccinelli, INRAN nutritionist comments: "In studying the labels of the milky formulas for the first 4 months, it was seen that the measuring cups and the indications on the label could lead to excessive intakes of calories. To remedy this situation, it is suggested to add on the label the advice to the "preparers" of the bottles to check at least once, by weighing, that all the measuring spoons used actually correspond to the quantity of milk formula prescribed by the pediatrician. filled "satin" and in any case not "pressed", as some family members and / or inexperienced assistants do with the intention of better feeding the baby ".

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