Author photos that reveal the SEXY side of pregnancy

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There are numerous photographers who find the beauty of the "pregnant" female body overwhelming. Instead, many mothers are hesitant before celebrating the metamorphosis of their body shape, due to the "sweet expectation".

We have decided, through some author photos, to help future mothers to "embrace" this fleeting moment of their life and to recognize the beauty of their growing bellies.

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We made one photo gallery with copyright images that mainly represent pregnant women in the period just before the arrival of their children (in the last trimester).

Author photos that reveal the SEXY side of pregnancy

An elegant and sensual future mother dressed in pink.

According to an American photographer who specializes in images related to pregnancy and newborns, Sandi Ford, the taboos surrounding pregnancy in former times are probably starting to fade. "For many years, pregnant women hid their bodies in loose clothing. They were never encouraged to show themselves. I'm glad times have changed, perhaps thanks to the infamous photo of Demi Moore in the 90s," she revealed. she.

Another sensual photo.

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"I want people to learn to see women proud of their changing bodies, as they are creating the miracle of a new life. For this reason they are even more sensual, attractive and elegant!"

Here is a beautiful young pregnant woman posing during a yoga session.

HERE IS THE PHOTO GALLERY with the author's shots that reveal the sexy side of pregnancy:


Author photos that reveal the SEXY side of pregnancy

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Are you expecting and think you are not attractive? Look at these author photos and you will have a good reason to immediately change your mind. The photographers wanted to demonstrate, with their images, that ...

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