Autism, Less Risks With Folic Acid In Pregnancy

Folic acid e Vitamins taken before e during la pregnancy would protect fromautism, a disease very feared by parents because particularly difficult to manage. One proves it study published in the magazine "JAMA Psychiatry”And that was it conducted by Stephen Z. Levine's team of the Department of mental health community of the university of Haifa in Israel.

Il outcome area of search è interesting e reassures aunt moms pending, although obviously others will be needed insights to get more certainties. Also because - and this must be clear - theautism it is a pathology complex which are also influenced by factors genetic e environmental. The study Israeli though stresses that the children born from women and before o during la pregnancy They hired supplements di folic acid o multivitamins that it contain they might have a risk minor to develop disorders the spectrum autistic.

For their search, the experts have crossed i give of the Registry sanitary ware of• innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation"); Meuhedet health care, which covers the 35% of young people Israelis under the 15 years. THE researchers have analyzed i give of all children born alive in period between January 1st 2003 and December 31st 2007. THE almost included i small with diagnosis di disorders the spectrum autistic, While controls they included a third of the children selected so random. The cohort was followed by the birth until January 26 2022.

Even in Israel la supplementation with folic acid è registered mail before and during the pregnancy. The scientists they took in considerazione both this and the one with multivitamins, which for example contain Vitamins of group B (folic acid even), vitamin D (which we talked about in depth HERE) e C, associated with substances important, like the magnesium, the zinc and potassium.

I researchers have analyzed i give related to two periods: before area of pregnancy (540 to 271 days before of delivery) is during la gestation (from 270 days before of delivery to the birth of child). Of the 45.300 children born to 26.702 mothers, the1,3% received one diagnosis di disorder the spectrum autistic.

in study, risk di to get sick di autism it turned out lower in children di moms they had taken folic acid or multivitamin is before and during la pregnancy (were conducted investigations separate), with respect to children which did not result exposed to such substances.

In short, onfolic acid they open up new and important perspectives, in addition to those - already extensively confirmed - of a protection da defects of tube neural. Here's why it would go taken already from the moment you decides to have a child and for all the first quarter, although very many gynecologists lo recommend to all la pregnancy.

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