Babies and hot: do not cover prams and strollers with a sheet!


Warm and bright light: summer has arrived and when you are walking with a baby it can come naturally to cover the pram or stroller with a sheet or a blanket. Well, don't do it, not even if it's light fabrics.

"Anything placed on a pram or stroller to protect the child from the sun and heat can, on the contrary raise the temperature inside the device itself "warns the neonatologist Laura Pogliani, director of the operating unit of pediatrics / neonatology of the hospital of Legnano (Mi). "Also, remember that you must always see your baby, to check that there are no problems. ”A parasol can always be used to protect the child from direct sunlight.

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When covering a pram or stroller, in fact, the temperature inside can rise dramatically, exposing the little one - still unable to regulate his own temperature and given the small size with few water reserves to draw from - to the risk of heatstroke. or SIDS (cot death).


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"The general advice during the summer is of do not expose the baby to too hot temperatures e beware of sun exposure, which must not be direct "warns Pogliani." Attention also to fluid loss, checking that he is not thirsty. If the baby is breastfed, just breastfeed him whenever he asks for it, without any need to give water "

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