Babies and sports: when it's good for you and when it should be avoided

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Is sport good for the newborn?

It is often said that it is important to move and not live in a sedentary way, for health and mood: not only the body works better, but physical exercise, even what I consider most banal, puts endorphins into circulation and makes us feel better right away. But it is sport is good for the newborn?

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Playing sports during pregnancy

First of all, it is good to take a step back and talk about sports during pregnancy. L'physical exercise, when not otherwise indicated, it is absolutely allowed during gestation, as long as it does not represent a danger (regarding this, it is always good to discuss with your gynecologist, for example if you practice horse riding or diving). In principle, movement is good for the fetus because it is good for the mother, but the important thing is not to challenge your limits: if you are not the type athletic, avoid starting one challenge advanced level only because you are afraid of gaining too much weight. Consider that you may have less strength and less muscle tone, so if you are not used to it, it is better to favor sports such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates. 

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When to start sports after childbirth

Once given birth, especially those who are used to moving quiver to go back to doing it: however, we have to wait for the famous forty days and the doctor's okay. Those who do not suffer from physical exercise but want to get back in shape, in addition to waiting for the end of the puerperium should find something suitable for their own physical form and avoid doing it yourself, even with the many apps that offer special postpartum programs. Rather, seek advice from a personal trainer or start swimming.

La walkinstead, it is granted immediately, if you feel like it. Going for nice walks while pushing the pram will be good for you and your baby.

Baby and sport: can it be done?

We come instead to the baby boy sports: it seems impossible to associate these two terms. A baby who plays sports? In fact, very young children can be involved in many activities that are not only good for their development but also make their days better. The movement it is indeed a great way to release your energies but also to relax, releasing endorphins, which then allows you to sleep better. 

What sport for newborns

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics it should be done one hour of movement a day, everyone, including babies, even if up to the age of six you can't talk about sport. 

Among the simplest activities that can be carried out by a baby of a few months are in particular:

  • Swimmingpool
  • massage

Swimming pool and babies

For example, you can bring babies in Swimmingpool: babies love water because it reminds them of their mother's womb, relaxes them and allows them to develop coordination. Find a neonatal aquatic course in your city, children from 3 months can usually enroll. 

Neonatal massage

Neonatal massage is an excellent opportunity to get babies moving. It is advisable to go to a qualified person to learn the basics and to be able to massage the baby once a day, for example after a bath, before bedtime, or at another time of the day. However, there are more types of massages, choose the right one (more energetic or relaxing) based on the time of day you intend to do it.

I Infants obviously can't do sport, but the mother can do it during pregnancy following the doctor's instructions. Once born, the baby can practice physical activity with a course of neonatal aquaticity or by doing massage by Mom.

Updated on 17.01.2022

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