Babies, how do you build a daily routine?

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GIVE A STRUCTURE TO THE DAY - How do you build a daily routine? It starts with the "essential needs of the baby - advises Renate Barth - in particular, sleeping, eating and playing, and from there develops a routine that the child can recognize."

How to proceed: Observe your baby very carefully for a few days. After a short time you will be able to recognize by the tone of his voice and the intensity of his crying when he is tired, hungry or bored.

Trust your feelings: when you have discovered which are the times that the child prefers to sleep, eat or play, put them at the base of the daily rhythm you are setting. The ideal is to introduce rituals for important events during the day, i.e. for the beginning of the day, for changing the diaper, for the time dedicated to baby food, nap, bath and before bedtime.

The most important rituals: lullabies and feedings

Bedtime - If your baby has to sleep, pull down the blinds, wind up a toy watch and make sure he always falls asleep the same way, for example in bed or on your lap. Of course you can also choose other rituals, but always keep the chosen sequence. After a few days the child will know that: "The curtain comes down because now we sleep." And he will automatically feel more tired.

Advice: Sometimes babies need help learning to distinguish between day and night. Keep the room a little dark when the baby sleeps during the day, but not as dark as he sleeps at night and leave the door slightly open.

Mother's milk or bottle-fed - Choose quiet music and a specific place to breastfeed or bottle-feed him. The child will quickly realize what it is and will enjoy the meal as soon as he hears the music or you sit on the chosen chair.

Advice: some babies suck some milk and then fall asleep. Thus the meals are lengthened. To avoid this, try to keep the baby awake and give him a little more sucking. A meal shouldn't last more than 20 to 30 minutes.

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Advice from Anna Wahlgren, Swedish expert in child psychology, Renate Barth, German psychologist and Gerald Hüther, neuropsychiatrist.

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