Babies in the pool, small pool and pleasant temperature

Carrara consultant, hydrokinesiologist and head of the Novate Inacqua center in the city

The perfect pool must have a small, intimate pool, possibly dedicated only to newborns, so that the environment is not affected by harmful noises and cackles. Furthermore, the temperature of the water, which should be of 32-34 degrees. Conditions that should also be looked for in subsequent courses, up to three years of age.

"By choice, we start immediately in tanks where children do not touch, with a water height of 120-140 cm - explains Carrara. This is so that it is clear that they are in another environment, so as to stimulate the use of new motor resources for the child. This does not mean that adding to this difficulty also the inconvenience of an incorrect water temperature or a noisy and too large, unsettling pool, is certainly not ideal.

It is also good to inquire about the hygienic treatment of water. Swimming pools with modern, fast-recycling purification systems, allow the chlorine level to be lowered to the minimum required by law, making the water less irritating for the eyes of aspiring "fish". The declared use of hypoallergenic sanitizing products suitable for children is an extra guarantee.

The dressing room is also worth a look in the choice. Obviously, it must be clean, but make sure that it is not too cold compared to the temperature of the pool and that it has an adequate number of changing tables for neonatal courses. In the specialized centers there are also areas outside the changing room with lower temperatures, equipped as a snack area, to allow a more gradual transition to outside temperatures in the winter season both in and out.

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