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When a little one arrives, there is often a "risk": being submerged by dozens of bibs, rompers, shoes, hats. Or receive duplicates of breast pumps, sterilizers, nappy eaters and so on. What to do, for example, with two bottle warmers? In short, sometimes it seems that friends and relatives do not have great imagination on gifts to give and we find ourselves with mountains of things that may not be useful. The solution is the birth list, to start already while you are pregnant. One of the most popular? The birth list of Amazon, the giant of online sales.

How the Amazon birthlist works

For some time now, the very rich menu of Amazon also appears "birth list". How does it work? It is very easy, exactly the same way as the lists that are made in the shops. With the enormous advantage of not having to move from home: it is valid both for those who create it, and for those who want to give a gift to the newborn. And in this difficult period due to Covid, this is certainly a no small convenience. 

The Amazon birth list is created by adding from time to time the objects and accessories that can be used by a child, from rompers to bodysuits, from hygiene products to the cot, from the trio to the high chair. It is Amazon itself that also gives suggestions on what can be really useful by dividing the products by categories: clothing, bedroom, nursing items or the first baby food, car seats and much, much more.

The advantages of the Amazon birthlist

In addition to the convenience of making an online list, therefore without moving from home, the Amazon birth list has other advantages: 

  • It's free. 
  • It has a well-stocked catalog with over 100.000 products. 
  • It gives you the right to access special discounts and promotions. 
  • Offers a welcome gift. 
  • Allows sharing with relatives and friends in a "smart" way. 

How to create a birth list on Amazon

Here are the steps required to create your own birth list on Amazon:

  • On each page of at the top it says Your Lists. From the drop-down menu, click on Birth list.
  • Click Begin. 
  • Follow the instructions indicated on the page, entering all the required data. 
  • Click on Create my Birth List.
  • Now you can start shopping in the Early Childhood section or in other categories of the portal. 
  • Click Add to List on the right side of the product page to add it to the list. 

The information entered can be changed at any time by clicking on Birth List Settings. In addition to the owner of the list, you can also add a co-owner (for example the father) who in turn can add your favorite products. 

Click HERE to create the birth list directly.

Share the Amazon birthlist

The list can be shared with relatives and friends by email or via social networks. Those who want to buy some product will find it easily and, with a few simple clicks, will be able to buy the gift, which will be appreciated without a shadow of a doubt, precisely because it was chosen by the parents. The gift will go directly to the address you entered when creating the list.

Whoever makes the list will be able to decide if it is public (that is, if it can be viewable and accessible to all Amazon customers and appear in search results), visible only to the people who will receive the link sent by the person who compiled it or of the all private.

What types of lists exist on Amazon

Among the various proposals of Amazon, there are various types of lists: for the birth, in fact, but also for a "baby shower" (that kind of party that takes place before the arrival of the baby in which you usually bring a gift for the little one), the first birthday, baptism or for the preparation of the suitcase - for mother and baby - for the hospital.

How to search for a birth list 

Looking for a birth list made by friends or relatives is very easy. When created, it is available within an hour. Finding it is very simple. You need to go to your Baby Lists or Your Lists at the top of every page on the Amazon site. In the section Search for another birth list you must enter the name and surname of the owner of the list and then click on Search. A list with the search results will then pop up. 

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