Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used?

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Baby bouncer

The bouncer or infant seat is very often present in homes where there is a small child. In fact, it can be pleasant for the child to observe the environment from that particular semi-reclining position and for mom and dad to leave the child in the bouncer it can be a good way to rest for a while or finish some chore. But be careful: the bouncer must be used with some caution.

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How to use the baby bouncer

Here are some useful tips for using the bouncer correctly.

  • Always choose compliant products

The first, fundamental precaution is to use a safe product, made according to the current Ce legislation.

  • Beware of containment

The bouncer must accommodate the child's body, containing it and ensuring that the spine (including the neck) is well aligned.

  • Never in an elevated position

The bouncer must always be kept on the ground, not on the table or on beds or sofas: the movement of the child could in fact cause it to overturn, with the risk of injuries, bruises and suffocation (if the child ends up with his face pressed against the mattress or a pillow) .

  • Never leave the baby alone

The bouncer is not a nanny. It's great to give parents some relief and give the baby the chance to see the world from a different perspective than in a crib or buggy, but someone must always be there to supervise the baby (and interact with him).

  • Don't overdo the timing

It is not possible to think of leaving the baby for hours in the bouncer, nor should it be considered an adequate support for bedtime (especially if the baby is small, the position is definitely not recommended for sleeping). Prolonged times on the bouncer increase the risk of plagiocephaly. 

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When to use it

The bouncer can be used from birth, but only if the baby is really well supported (there are also special reducers). Otherwise it is better to wait a few weeks.

Until when can it be used?

Starting from five months it must no longer be used because the movements of the child, becoming more energetic, could cause it to overturn or bend to the side.

It should not be used after 5-6 months of the baby, on the one hand because its movements, more and more energetic, could make it overturn or bend to the side, on the other because at this point it does not respect the needs of the baby, who wants to explore environment and do not sit still in an object. 

Baby bouncer on Amazon

Su Amazon we find different models of baby bouncer. Amazon Prime is a program that can be used by paying an annual subscription of 36 euros or a monthly subscription of 4,99 euros (with a 50% discount for university students).

Amazon Prime offers an unlimited number of shipments with single business day delivery that applies to over two million products. For the other millions of articles on the platform, delivery takes place in 2-3 working days. Another big advantage to consider is the absence of shipping costs for all products shipped by Amazon that fall into the program.

Anyone can sign up and start a 30-day free use period on Amazon Prime to take advantage of discounts and offers during Prime Day.

Bouncer Chicco Hoplà

In bouncer mode, Chicco Hooplà can be used from birth until the baby learns to sit up on his own (approximately 5/6 months, 9 kg max). In use, the armchair can be used as a soft seat for relaxation as soon as the child walks and is able to sit and stand up alone (approximately 10/12 months) up to 18 kg max.

It is equipped with a soft, removable and washable reducer cushion, which envelops the baby tenderly. The backrest is adjustable in 4 different positions to adapt to the needs of the child; thanks to the side buttons, the adjustment is easy and immediate. The bouncer can be used in a fixed or tilting position.

It has a game bar, equipped with the SlideLine system, which allows you to slide the games along the arch to create new game scenarios. This system was developed in collaboration with a psychologist and contributes to the child's sensory, cognitive and psychomotor development.

Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? Chicco Hooplà - Hammock for babies from 0 months to 18 kg, rocking and chair for children with arc for games, adjustable backrest and reducer cushion, compact - Gray (Moon Gray) from Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? € 74,83 € 99,00 -24% Check the offer

Bouncer Cam the Baby's World Gironanna

The recliner has a swivel seat that simulates a mother's hug soft chenille cover 4 oscillation speeds intermittent lights, light beam projector 5 melodies, 3 natural sounds adjustable volume jack input for music player timer with auto-off (10-20 -30 minutes) motorized revolving carousel with soft removable plushes Removable seat for bouncer function usable from 0 to 9 kg adjustable backrest in 3 basic positions with rocking function and soft and rich non-slip feet in the shape of a bear.

Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? Cam Baby's World S347 Gironanna Evo Swing, 0-9 kg, Light Brown (219 Bear) from Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? € 223,80 Check Offer

Lionelo Otto musical rocking bouncer

The rocking bouncer has 5 sounds to choose from. The volume of the sounds can be adjusted. Otto has 5 swing speeds. Durable and leather-resistant 5-point belts ensure added safety. The soft padding with stitching guarantees comfort in any situation. The soft detachable pillow provides support for the baby's head. The timer allows you to program the swing function to automatically turn off after 15, 30, 45 minutes or a full hour.

Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? Lionelo Otto bouncer rocking music 5-speed comfortable and wearable with arc timer games and head cushion up to 9kg silent 5-point harness, gray from Baby bouncer: how long and for how long can it be used? € 67,92 € 79,99 -15% Check the offer


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