Baby exchange is a rare occurrence


She gave birth to a baby girl but when after being discharged she changed the baby's nappy for the first time at home, she realized that they had given her a boy. The parents of the newborn then immediately contacted the hospital where, in a short time, the misunderstanding was resolved and the child, who in the meantime had ended up in the arms of the other puerpera mother of the boy, returned to the care of her legitimate parents. .

The news is reported in recent days by the "Nuovo Quotidiano di Lecce", according to which the fact happened a few weeks ago in the hospital of S. Caterina Novella in Galatina (Lecce).

According to reports from the newspaper, the parents of the little girl have decided to denounce the ASL asking for a compensation of 50 thousand euros because following the shock suffered, the mother would have lost her milk.


"Something has happened in Lecce that shouldn't happen, but it is a rare event: the baby identification system generally used, based on a bracelet with an identification number that is placed on the mother and baby before they leave the delivery room. , precisely in the first moments of life, it is valid ".

  • This is the comment of Professor Mario De Curtis, director of the complex operational unit of Neonatology, Pathology and Neonatal Intensive Care of the Policlinico Umberto I of the city at the news of an exchange of newborns which occurred in the province of Lecce, in Galatina, at the Hospital of Santa Caterina Novella, of which the Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia reported.
  • Un rare event, which is incomprehensible precisely because the two babies regularly had the bracelet on their wrist with the right name, and which represents not only one of the great fears of the parents but also the inspiration of films such as `` Once upon a time in America '' and '' The 7 and the 8 ''.
  • "After being born, each little one receives the first assistance and at the same time the bracelet is applied to his wrist or foot, which he shares with his mother and which will accompany him throughout the period of his stay in hospital - explains De Curtis - the bracelet cannot be taken off, to remove it must be cut so it is difficult for an error to occur ".

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  • "In addition, newborns, if in good health, are in many cases always made to stand next to their mother while they are in the hospital, to encourage breastfeeding - he highlights - as the little ones are not kept so frequently inside the nursery, as in the past, the possibility of an event similar to the one that occurred in Lecce is reduced to a minimum ".
  • "In Del Paese, 535 thousand children are born every year and although there is no precise data on the exchange of newborns, it is rare events: the number could paradoxically be reconstructed through the press reports, given that these cases generally have a strong media coverage "concludes De Curtis, explaining that in the event of a similar situation occurring" the first thing to do is to call the hospital immediately, where we will try to reconstruct what happened ".

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