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1) Andrea ('Andrea', Fabrizio De Andrè). Dense name that 'burns'. Anagram appropriate to the combativeness of one's character: Andrea = 'arenas' ...

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2) Alice ('Alice', Francesco De Gregori)

3) Aurora ('Aurora', Eros Ramazzotti)

4) Alfredo ('It's Alfredo's fault', Vasco Rossi)

5) Angela ('Angela', Biagio Antonacci)

6) Angelica ('Angelica', The Vibrations)

7) Anna ('Anna', Lucio Battisti)

8) Barbara ('La canzone di Barbara', Fabrizio De Andrè)

9) Chiara ('Chiara likes to live', Different Twins)

10) Claudia ('Night before exams', Antonello Venditti)

11) Daniela ('Daniela', Peppino Di Capri)

12) Elisa ('For Elisa', Alice)

13) Esmeralda ('My dear Esmeralda', Claudia Baglioni)

14) Francesca ('It's not Francesca', Lucio Battisti)

15) Francesco ('I am Francesco', Tricarico)

16) Gianna ('Gianna', Rino Gaetano)

17) Giulia ('Dedicated to you', The Vibrations)

18) Gloria ('Gloria', Umberto Tozzi)

19) Greta ('Greta', Negrita)

20) Laura ('Laura is not there', Nek). A name with a very sweet (euphonic) sound like Laura can only be: “The aura in toto. In you "(that you carry it).

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21) Linda ('Balla Linda', Lucio Battisti)

22) Luisa ('Luisa Rossi', Lucio Battisti)

23) Luna ('Luna', Gianni Togni)

24) Luca ('At Luca's house', Silvia Salemi)

25) Manuela ('Manuela', Julio Iglesias)

26) Marco ('Solitude', Laura Pausini)

27) Margherita ('Margherita', Riccardo Cocciante)

28) Maria ('Maria', Blondie). Euphonic name or sweet sounding, Maria has a mystical and magical aura, she is pure essence of air (Maria without initial: breath, light, soul ...). The spiritual dimension dominates the earthly and material aspect and makes Marys sensitive, open, sincere and supportive people. Maternal. Almost angelic.

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29) Marta ('Marta', Antonello Venditti)

30) Martina ('Martina', construction site)

31) Paul ('Paul', Francesco De Gregori)

32) Piero ('Piero's war', Fabrizio De Andrè)

33) Pietro ('Pietro', Nomads)

34) Rebecca ('Rebecca', Gianna Nannini)

35) Raffaella ('And Raffaella is mine', Tiziano Ferro)

36) Riccardo ('The Riccardo', Giorgio Gaber)

37) Roberta ('Roberta', Peppino di Capri)

38) Sally ('Sally', Vasco Rossi)

39) Salvatore ('Salvatore', Ombretta Colli). The Latin Salvator derives from the Greek Sotèr, an epithet with which he was called Christ. It means "God is the savior". San Salvatore is celebrated on March 18 and November 9.

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40) Sara, ('Sara', Antonello Venditti)

41) Samantha ('Samantha', Francesco Guccini)

42) Silvia ('Silvia', Luca Carboni)

43) Stella ('Stella', Antonello Venditti)

44) Simone ('Simone's dance', Giuliano and the nocturnes)


46) Tommy ('Tommy', Roberto Vecchioni)

47) Valentina, ('Dear Valentina', Max Gazzè)

48) Veronica ('Veronica will come', Adriano Celentano)

49) Vincenzo ('our city and Vincenzo', Alberto Fortis)

50) Viola ('Viola', Adriano Celentano)


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