Baby on the way? Celebrate with a baby shower

    Baby on the way? Celebrate with a baby shower

    After Halloween, another star and striped tradition arrives in Europe: the Baby Shower. The fans of Sex and the City know perfectly well what we are talking about since in one episode Carrie shows up at Miranda's Baby Shower, organized by the loving Charlotte, with a three-tiered cake made of diapers.

    But what exactly is a baby shower? It is a party, with a propitiatory and all-female atmosphere, in which the future mother and her child are celebrated. An intimate and fun moment to share with friends, co-workers and sisters.

    And in Del Paese? How well known is the Baby Shower? We asked Abigail Molina, party organizer and decorator who recently also takes care of Baby Showers.

    How exactly does the baby shower work? It is a party in honor of the child who will be born and to whom first-use items such as bottles, bodies, diapers, etc. are given away.

    When is it celebrated? Usually when the mother is in the seventh, maximum eighth month of pregnancy. It is the ideal period because she is far from giving birth and also from the first months which are the most at risk.

    Where is this particular festival most popular? Apart from the United States, where it was born, it is very widespread in countries influenced by American culture such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, and almost all of South America. In Europe, England shows great interest in the Baby Shower but lately also in Spain and France are starting to get quite a bit of feedback.

    Who organizes the Baby Shower? It is usually organized by friends, colleagues or relatives of the future mother (sister-in-law, mother, aunt ...). The important thing for the guests is to have a list of things Mom needs for her baby. In America, baby shops already have baby shower lists, a bit like the wedding list. It is a practical way to avoid the risk of presenting yourself with double gifts.

    Where does it take place? The ideal place would be at the home of the person who organizes the party which should be a surprise, but in some cases it can be celebrated in the house of the future mother, in a tea room or in other places suitable for the occasion.

    How does the baby shower take place? First of all, the place where the party will take place must be set up on a theme. A small snack and cake is prepared. It is customary to play board games and society games that are always related to motherhood (such as guessing the date of birth, the sex of the child and the measurement of the circumference of the belly). In the end, the mother opens the gifts in front of the guests who will eventually receive a reminder of the good time spent together.

    How much can it cost? The price varies according to the number of guests and the quantity of decorations. A Baby Shower can cost from 100 euros upwards.

    What kind of feedback is the Baby Shower in Del Paese getting? The Del Paesene women who participated in this party had no idea what it was but were pleasantly impressed by the atmosphere and also had a lot of fun with the party games and the opening of gifts.

    The Baby Showers I took care of here in Del Paese were requested by future mothers who had heard about them from foreign friends. It is still an almost unknown party but I am convinced that in the future it will become more and more popular.

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