Baby Shower: celebrate the baby ... before the birth

Now it is also at home in Of the country and it has become a ritual chic for many future mothers who love Events and appetizers. And the Baby Shower! Who does not know thing either, hurry to read the lines below, for those who know the generally but it needs to ideas to the fashion e ideas, here are all the latest news for festicciola all at female.

Noto also as "Blessingway","Baby carriage","Facade","Stork Party" or also "Valaikappu”(The Indian version), the Baby Shower it's a appetizer more than anything else Dolce dedicated to mum and born unborn, usually organized ateighth month di pregnancy from the best friends of the birthday girl in a environment comfortable: depending on the season, the more chic e sought are the gardens, parks with small ones areas dedicated.

By now it has also become fashionable here festeggiare future mothers and, when you are pregnant, nothing but absolutely nothing should be left to the case: from how to organize the party, to the decorations more , from the latest trends in terms of location city ​​by city, until planner to Baby Shower

So where from iniziare, if you don't use one professional for the organization? First of all you have to choose, based on the sex of born unborn, the invitations for the participants (rigorously all women, Because the party also become a moment of confidences, Relax, Chatter e divertissement): all are found types, but certainly the most in vogue are the shaped ones body, bottle, cup cake, diaper, pacifier and so on.

After choosing the ticket, it will be necessary select le invited and choose the date and place. As mentioned before, between location more requests there are i historic houses parks who give that indimenticabile atmosphere of Relax, especially in afternoons di spring and beginning autunno.

Third step for a Baby Shower perfect: thepreparation and buffet. A real party very stylish self-respecting must have a colore dominant that is reflected in decorations, gadgets, desserts, dishes, glasses e napkins. For girls, in addition to the classic pink, are a big trend on violet, in all its nuances, and the green Tiffany. For boys blue, turquoise, green e Orange.

Chosen the colore green light to fantasy for the decorations. They are needed balloons inflated with helium: the most popular are those with "hot air balloon" with a bubble bigger transparent and balloons colored inside. Candles, garlands and many turn up with desserts assorted, but above all beautiful and captivating. A flawless Baby Shower, in fact, it must be seasoned by treats delicious: cup cake, cake pops, cookies themed decorated with the icing colored, marshmallow e chad. The best solution is a nice one table white on which to make the fittings.

We now move on to gifts: invited, go wild with pensieri for the future mother, kit massages, manicure or even a little weekend somewhere for to relax before childbirth. Welcome gifts for the too born unborn. One of the greats classical, which always makes her beautiful figure, and the diaper cake. It's a gift lucky charm and at the same time useful and can be packaged in ways nice and fashion, with inside accessories for the newborn (click HERE to see how to make it).

You moms don't forget i little gift for the invited, little ones pensieri to thank yours friends of having made you compagnia: one enamel, an object memory, a mask for the face in fabric, a scented bag that you have personally packaged, a service of make-up last minute during the party.

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