Baby wipes: how to choose them according to Altroconsumo

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Thick in texture, with a honeycomb texture, not too moist: parents like them that way baby wet wipes, at least according to the results of a survey conducted by the consumer association Altroconsumo, which asked 158 people to test a number of different brands of wipes. Among other preferences: the rigid clip closure, considered more practical, the fragrance - which must be fresh but not too intense - and the “naturalness”.

A characteristic, the latter which is often mentioned on the label, but which must be sought above all in the ingredients list. “On average - explains a press release from Altroconsumo - the products tested have about 13 ingredients, but the wipes are mostly composed of water to which washing substances are added. The more the substances are at the bottom of the list, the more they are present in very low percentages, so much so that they do not allow the product to be characterized ". This is why the board of Altroconsumo - which published its results in early August - is from prefer products with the shortest label, i.e. with the most limited number of ingredients.

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Among other things, if it is true that among the various ingredients identified in the brands examined there are no parabens, considered suspected endocrine disruptors, i.e. substances capable of interfering with hormonal balance and to be avoided in products for children, it is equally true that about one third of the products analyzed have another critical preservative, phenoxyethanol, not recommended by the French Safety Agency because it highlighted a potential risk for children under 3 years old.

Not only that: Altroconsumo reminds you that natural does not necessarily mean healthy and safe. "Even essential oils or natural extracts can contain allergenic substances, for example limonene or linalool".

Based on a series of evaluations that took into account aspects such as ingredients, packaging, label and yield in the practical test, Altroconsumo indicated the Baby Comfort wipes by Fresh & Clean as the best purchase, also compared to price. However, other wipes from brands such as Hipp, Fria, Conad, Chicco, Selex, Naty, Erbolario, Cosmia Baby are cited as excellent quality products.

Altroconsumo's latest invitation concerns the frequency of use: “We must never forget that the wipes, very useful for when you are traveling or away from home, should be used occasionally, while they must not replace the best natural alternative, that is, soap and water, more than necessary ”.

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