Back to school: 8 tips to rebalance children's intestines

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Epiphany takes away all holidays. Too bad that together with her free time she has given not only gifts, but also a few extra kilos and she doesn't always want to go back to school. Between dietary transgressions, less motor activity and various intestinal viruses, the tummy of the little ones has been put to the test.

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From the Del Paesena Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics (SIPPS), here are some useful tips to get back in shape and to "get back on track" the intestines of children.

The basic advice: as the SIPPS experts explain, nutrition must be reset on the basis of the four main meals, without forced fasting, but with a gradual resumption of motor activity and careful preparation of meals.

So what to do to get the children's intestines back in shape?

  1. simple food with lightly seasoned dishes
  2. right balance between animal and plant foods
  3. put fruit and vegetables back on the plate
  4. pay attention to the quantity of meals: light and frequent meals are better
  5. consume less fat
  6. beware of lactose
  7. do not forget physical activity
  8. attention to sleep

"First of all you need to follow a simple diet - says Dr. Giuseppe Di Mauro, President of SIPPS -, not necessarily" in white ", but characterized by lightly seasoned and elaborate dishes: spaghetti with tomato sauce, steak or grilled fish, as well as pasta and beans and minestrone. The right balance between animal and vegetable foods is also fundamental: fruit and vegetables must always find a place on the table and if they are really not pleasing to the child, even if with a loss of fiber these very important nutrient sources can be offered in the form of juices and centrifuged, prepared at home and eaten at the moment ".

Attention, then, to how much you eat during the day. “In the presence of disorders - adds Dr. Piercarlo Salari, pediatrician in charge of the SIPPS Parenting Support Group - it is better that they are light and frequent rather than sparse and abundant. Fats must be consumed in small quantities for a calorie issue, because they slow down and burden digestion. If the intake of milk were to cause meteorism or diarrhea, the reason could be linked to an even extemporaneous deficiency of lactase, the enzyme that degrades lactose into two simple and more easily digestible sugars. In this case, you can use a preparation, available in the form of a food supplement, based on this enzyme. If the disturbances persist and insinuate the suspicion of a real lactose intolerance, a specific test can be performed for its confirmation. Let's not forget the importance of physical activity, a real favorable stimulus on the motility of the digestive tract, and the intake of probiotic preparations, useful for restoring a balanced structure of the intestinal microflora. Finally, if the sleep-wake rhythm has been upset, a gradual recovery of traditional schedules will be appropriate ".

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