Back to school: how to set up a family awakening routine

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September, as we know, is the month that marks the end of the holidays and the return to life as always. It is time for children to go back to kindergarten or school, to meet friends or perhaps to start a new adventure, while mum and dad, after the holidays, resume the usual rhythms of work.

After a period spent together, with fewer rules and slower times, marked only by the desire for lightheartedness, helping children to resume their old habits can seem like a difficult challenge.

The trick? Starting on the right foot, establishing an awakening routine suitable for the whole family but above all in a good mood!

Here are 5 useful tips to set healthy and positive habits, able to convey serenity to children but also to facilitate family management in view of the back to school.

1. Play early.

First of all it is good not to wait for the very first day of school, or to return to the office, but to start setting up a morning routine at least a week in advance, so that even the children can gradually get used to the sound of the alarm clock and the new times. . The secret is to remember that a good awakening routine starts the night before: it is better then to anticipate dinner time and go back to setting a time to go to sleep, possibly no later than 9. In this way children can count on the right hours. sleep and less traumatic awakening.

2. Indulge in a mini pampering session.

A good rule of thumb can then be to set the alarm 5 or 10 minutes earlier than necessary, so as to allow everyone to get up calmly and allow the little ones - but also mum and dad! - a few minutes of pampering, a fundamental ingredient to start the day with a smile. And as an alarm clock, green light for music that immediately puts you in a good mood and gives you the right energy.

3. Breakfast, an essential ritual.

The alarm time must take into account the time to devote to breakfast in the morning, a very important moment for both adults and children, from a nutritional point of view but not only. Once on your feet, then, a good habit to keep during the school year can be to prepare and eat breakfast together. Between runs to work and the ringing of the bell, it is often not easy to reconcile the schedules of the whole family, however, even just a quarter of an hour may be enough to create a moment of carefree sharing, during which to fill up on energy with food right but also have a chat to face the day more serene.

4. Everyone to dress up!

After breakfast, it's time to get dressed and take care of personal hygiene: a good strategy can be to prepare the clothes for the children to wear the night before, so as to have everything ready. This moment can in fact be exploited to stimulate the autonomy of children, teaching even the little ones to do it on their own. At the beginning it will be good to take into account a few small hitches but, over time, even dressing and washing yourself will become part of the daily routine, to the benefit of young and old.

5. Backpack and go!

When it comes time to go out, it may be useful to establish the rule that everyone must take care of taking their shoes and their bag or backpack for school, with a single recommendation: as in the case of clothes, it is better to get the children used to prepare the backpack the night before. In this way you will not waste too much time in the morning and you will not risk oversights or oversights in school materials.

Finally, to these simple rules, we must not forget to add a secret ingredient to taste: because the only routine that really works is the one that makes each family unique and special.

Happy awakening to young and old and happy back to school!

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