Back to school, the most beautiful phrases

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The beginning of the school has now arrived for most of the Del Paeseni students. Also this year many children and young people will return to school, to start a new school year. The return to class is not always experienced in an optimal way by young people, who, after the summer holidays, are sad because the fun and relaxation are, in a certain sense, over. We have selected one series of sentences copyright that can facilitate and cheer up the return to school. Here's what they are.

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Back to school, author phrases

Here are some phrases written by famous people about school and, in particular, about going back to school. Perfect for parents and children struggling with preparations: an author's phrase, to be shared in the most significant moments, always remains in the heart.

  1. «Today first day of school. Those three months of vacation in the countryside passed like a dream! My mother took me this morning to the 'Baretti Section' to get me registered for the third grade: I was thinking about the countryside and going unwillingly ». (Edmondo De Amicis, "Heart")
  2. “I really needed to find my mother at the exit and I ran to kiss her hand. She said to me: - "Come on Enrico! We will study together". - And I went home happy. But I no longer have my teacher, with that good and cheerful smile, and school doesn't seem as beautiful to me as it used to be. " (Edmondo De Amicis, "Heart")
  3. "It is not enough to send children to school, you have to accompany them on the way to study, you have to build day by day in them the awareness that you go to school not to win a title, but to prepare for life". (Giovanni Leone)
  4. "School is our passport to the future, since tomorrow belongs to those who are preparing to face it today." (Malcolm X)
  5. «First day of school: 20 pencils, 64 pencil sharpeners, 30 pens, 12 lines, 20 notebooks. End of school: 1 pencil found on the ground ». (Anonymous)
  6. "The purpose of the school is to turn mirrors into windows." (Sydney J. Harris)
  7. “A good head and a good heart are a terrific combination. But when you add a language or an educated pen to it, then you really have something special. " (Nelson Mandela)
  8. «Point your pencil / run to write your life. / Write straight and clear words: / Love, fight, work ». (Gianni Rodari)
  9. «September September, / the grapes ripen and make wine, / the Moscatella grapes ripen: / pupil, prepare the satchel!». (Gianni Rodari)
  10. «The first day of school we were all like boules thrown at random on a billiard table, some a little earlier and some a little later, according to the order they arrived at the desks. But Pucci noticed that the pupils who arrived at the farther desks were those who did well in their studies, and the pupils who arrived at the farther back desks were the ones who remained behind ». (Gianni Celati)
  11. “Life is the first day of school. Every day "(Anonymous)
  12. “The first day of school is never forgotten, much like the first kiss. I crossed the door of the Giacomo Matteotti school in the city with the thrill of meeting the new classmates of the first grade and the face of the teacher who would accompany me for five years of my life ». (Carlo Conti)
  13. “My mother accompanied me on the first day of school. I was wearing a black apron and a nice white bow and I was excited and proud of the achievement. We were many children because, according to the provisions of the time, the class had to be made up of forty pupils ». (Salvatore Savino)
  14. «Dad, root and light, take me by the hand again / in the golden October of the first day of school. / The swallows were leaving, screaming: / in fifty years you will remember us ». (Maria Luisa Spaziani)
  15. "He who opens a school door closes a prison." (Victor Hugo)



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Phrases on the first day of school

  1. "The first day of school is a new beginning. Don't be afraid of what it will be, just focus on the present and you will see that it will be a wonderful year". (Pascal Ciuffreda)
  2. "Best wishes for your first day of school! Face the new challenges head on and remember that we will always be there for you". (Pascal Ciuffreda)

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