Ball for pregnancy, how to use it

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La ball for pregnancy (or birthing ball) can help a lot during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. It has various benefits for the body, mainly helping to improve posture and relieve pain. Here's everything you need to know and what are the best items on the market. 

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Ball for pregnancy, what is it

La birthing ball (pregnancy ball) can be very useful for pregnant women. It is a normal rehabilitation balloon, used during pregnancy, labor or post partum.

Such balloons are generally in hypoallergenic, non-toxic and anti-burst pvc. They are used for physiotherapy and in gyms during certain courses, including those of preparation for childbirth or postural ones (especially for vertebral pathologies). 

It is advisable to keep the balloons away from rough surfaces or from heat sources such as radiators, stoves and fireplaces. 

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Ball for pregnancy, benefits

Exercising on a birthing ball in pregnancy can help reduce back pain, thus improving the movement of the body.

It can also help relieve the pain of labor, to reduce the pain of contractions (especially if you use it at least a couple of months before giving birth), to decrease anxiety and even to shorten the first phase of labor.

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Ball in pregnancy, when to use it

The pregnancy balloon is especially recommended as a comfortable place to sit during pregnancy: in fact, it forces the body to a correct posture and therefore prevents back pain.

Birthing ball can be used while you work or while relaxing. In fact, you may find the ball much more comfortable and easier than a chair that is too hard or a sofa that is too soft.

Also, sitting on a birthing ball offers a mini-workout. As you swing or gently bounce on it, your belly and back muscles work hard to keep you upright.

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Guide to choosing the right size

They are very important ball size: Once seated, your knees should be about 10 centimeters lower.

As a general rule:

  • if you are up to 1 meter and 73 centimeters tall, it is better to take a 65 cm ball;
  • If you are taller than 1cm, then it is best to take a 73cm ball.

In general, a good birthing ball will support your weight. 

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Using the birthing ball is a fun way to improve posture and balance and to exercise the belly muscles. In addition, it helps the body to support the pregnancy weight. It can also protect your back and help you get back in shape after giving birth. 

Gentle gymnastics exercises

Here are some "sweet" exercises: 

  • Sit on the ball and swing your pelvis from side to side and front to back. When you do this, try to keep your shoulders steady so that the movement comes from the waist and below.
  • Gently rotate your hips clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • Get on your knees and bend over the ball by placing your arms on it, then swing your hips back and forth.

You may also want to try pelvic floor exercise while sitting on the birthing ball. By doing this, it can be easier to feel what is happening in the baby bump and at the same time you will also be training the lower belly muscles.


Birthing ball, help the baby to change the position at the end of the pregnancy

If the child is in a posterior (back-to-back) position, adopting upright, forward leaning postures on the birthing ball can encourage him to change positions.

Try to get down on your knees and lean forward on the ball. This can encourage the baby's back to swing forward, so that they are in a forward position, with the back facing the belly. This can also give you temporary relief from back pain.


Birthing ball, training the positions for labor

You can try various positions for labor while you are still pregnant. So you will find out which ones are the most comfortable for you. Here are some of them:

  • sit astride the ball and swing your pelvis from side to side or back and forth;
  • lean on the birthing ball with your arms while kneeling on the floor;
  • always kneeling on the floor, embrace the birthing ball and lift your butt a little. Then swing your pelvis from side to side;
  • stand up, lean your arms on the ball, while the latter is on the bed or other elevated surface.
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Ball in pregnancy, postpartum

After giving birth, you may find the ball more comfortable compared to a hard chair, particularly if the area between the vagina and the anus (perineum) is sore.

Deflate it a little to make it softer and take the pressure off any of your stitches or bruises. You could sit on the ball while breastfeeding, once you learn how to get your baby to latch on. Just make sure you are comfortable and stable on the ball before trying this.

Gently bounce off the ball while cuddling your baby it can also calm him down. You can also use the ball for gentle gymnastics (as described above).

As the child grows, the birthing ball may become his or her favorite toy. You may also decide to use the ball instead of an office chair for desk work.

In short, you may find that the birthing ball is the best pregnancy kit ever purchased!

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Balls for pregnancy, articles online

There are various types of pregnancy balls (or birthing balls) on the market. You can buy it in specialized stores or online. Here are some articles available on the Internet. 

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