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You are struggling with the organization of the Baptism of your child? Here are some tips to organize a perfect baptism step by step.

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  • Choose the godmother and / or the godfather
  • Interview and documents
  • The baptism ceremony
  • How to organize the reception
  • Favors yes or no?
  • How to dress for Baptism
  • How to dress the newborn for Baptism
  • What to give at Baptism

Choose the godmother and / or the godfather

In baptism the choice of the godfather and godmother, the co-stars of the ceremony, is dictated by affection and esteem that parents nurture towards people who one day, in case of need, should undertake to assume the role of deputy parents.

Their moral commitment, which in any case officially expires with the age of majority of the baptized, implies, from the religious point of view, to watch over his Christian upbringing, and from the social point of view to take an interest in the life of the child, remembering the day of the birthday and showing interest and presence during his growth. On the occasion of baptism they are required to give an important and serious gift, generally a piece of jewelry.

Interview and documents

We go to the parish priest to have a first meeting. Generally, baptism is celebrated once a month in community form, but nothing prevents you from asking to celebrate it with an exclusive ceremony.

Once an application with the personal data of the child has been delivered, usually provided by the parish office, and presented with the self-certification of the godfather and godmother (they must not be divorced and must have received Confirmation) endorsed by the parish priest of residence if they belong to a parish other than the one where the baptism will be celebrated, the date is fixed.

The baptism ceremony

The rite of baptism, even if short, is very important because it constitutes the first of the sacraments of the Christian religion. It naturally takes place in a church (in some cases even in the chapel of the clinic where the child was born) in the presence of the godparents and parents, and ends with the gesture of the priest pouring holy water on the baby's head.

Precisely because it is a sacred and intimate ceremony, invitations must be restricted to family members and closest friends. And even if a reception is planned to celebrate the event, it is in good taste that the ceremony is not an occasion for worldliness.

How to organize the reception

At the end of the function in the church, a reception is scheduled for all present. Also in this case you can choose the solution that best suits the style of the ceremony, the tastes of the parents and above all the budget available. Once baptism, precisely because it is an intimate event, was celebrated in the parents' home.

Today you can opt for a nice restaurant, a more informal farmhouse or for a garden party or to the park for those who love the most casual and economical solutions. Provided that in the end there is always a large cake, sparkling wine or champagne to toast and maybe some sugared almonds, pink or light blue depending on the sex.

After placing the baby in the crib, the parents open the gifts and thank the guests, even if the glasses with the initials, the bibs, the frames, the pins and the bracelets must be double, triple or, worse, not in line with the own taste.

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Favors yes or no?

Wedding favors are no longer an obligation: do them only if you like the idea. In this case, at the end of the party the guests will receive a candy box with confetti in memory of the baptism and as an official thank you for participating in the event and bringing a gift. Also in this case you can opt for different solutions, depending on the taste and budget available to parents.

The important thing is that the confetti, whether or not accompanied by an object, are packaged in a cheerful way and always carry a note with the name of the child and the date of baptism.

If you want a traditional baptism, do this

The invitations For such an important occasion it is good to have invitations printed on the model of wedding invitations, in which the parents announce the baptism of the child, the date and the church; on a separate note attached the directions to reach the place of reception. To be delivered at least twenty days before.

The reception To celebrate in a big way, you can book a period villa, perhaps in the hills, on the lake or at the gates of the city, with tables decorated with pink or blue tulle bows and place cards, where a gourmet lunch (or dinner) will be served; at the end, champagne to toast the event.

If you want an informal baptism, do this

The invitations A phone call, but also a more informal text message or even a funny e-mail with a photo of the child that he personally invites to his baptism party.

The reception If you have a limited budget but above all you want to stand out with a party that is remembered for its originality and informality, a garden, a park or, if the weather permits, a beach is perfect: just a few tables, chairs (you can rent or bring from home) and a series of mats to spread on the floor, a buffet prepared at home with quiches, chips, popcorn, pretzels and many drinks for all tastes.

Of course, at the end of the party, the public space used must be left clean.

How to dress for Baptism

The elegant yet sober outfits are perfect, suitable for the ceremony in church and, at the same time, practical, both for breastfeeding and for moving around a lot. 

How to dress the newborn for Baptism

Tradition has it that the child wears the classic white dress, a symbol of purity, long and covered with lace and lace, completed by a bonnet decorated with ribbons; once upon a time the dress was handed down from generation to generation, but now you can opt for an elegant dress or even a garment to be used later on other occasions.

It is good to take a towel with you to church, better if embroidered or in any case embellished with lace, to dry the baby's head after the priest has poured the holy water.


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What to give at Baptism

We ask the parents if they have opened one gift list in some shop and in that case it is always better to satisfy them and buy an item from the list or give a gift share to buy a more expensive product. Alternatively, all the precious gifts that the child can find when he is older are perfect, such as the classic gold pound, the ingot, a precious stone.


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